Brian's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Brian's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Sunday 8th November, 2015 | Vapouriz Customer Testimonials

I first found out about Vapouriz when was talking to a guy on my local railway station who was using a vape that instantly stood out from the crowd. Instead of a product trying to look like a standard cigarette the Vapouriz vape kit was different. The all black design of the Vapouriz product looks and feels more exclusive. And still does! It was an instant draw and soon after using the products I knew why. I had tried a couple of other makes previously and wasn’t impressed, but the Vapouriz taste was far better and the product range allowed me to easily upgrade to the FUSE when the Gemini was discontinued. And I haven’t looked back! I have been using Vapouriz for just over 12 months and I am still pleased with the performance, taste and the customer services team are excellent.

I’d absolutely recommend you. A very good line of products which look instantly different from others on the market. While the array of flavours provides a great opportunity to experiment I’ve always gone back to the classic tobacco flavour. It somehow feels more purist and traditional.

I ride a road bike on the weekends, and shortly after moving to Vapouriz I quickly noticed positive improvements in my health. I was able to breathe easier and deeper and any minor chest pains started to disappear. The FUSE means I am still able to enjoy the experience of smoking but with all the health benefits. 

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