Robert Pattinson Rumoured to Be a Vaper

Robert Pattinson Rumoured to Be a Vaper

Monday 8th October, 2012 | Celebrities that Vape

Robert follows a host of celebrities including Katherine Heigl, Johnny Depp, Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and Charlie Sheen, all of whom have been spotting in public ‘vaping’ their electric cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarettes are battery powered devices that simulate the act of smoking, but instead of producing incredibly harmful tobacco smoke, they emit a vapour which delivers to the user a measured dose of nicotine when inhaled.

There are a wide variety of electronic cigarette starter kits available on the market, such as the cartomizer based e-cigs like the Vapouriz Gemini, to the intermediate/pro kits such as the Vapouriz Tank.

E-Liquid, the ‘fuel’ used to power electronic cigarettes can be found in over 200 different flavours and variations to suit the user’s taste, from Tobacco flavour to Strawberry and Watermelon. There are even some savoury flavours such as Roast Chicken, Pizza and Salt Fish, however, these are novelty flavours and would probably not suit the wider majority.

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