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VBOX 40w Box Mod

Simple Sub Ohm Starter Kit + Free Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

RRP £34.99
| SAVE £ 5.00
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Free E-Liquid
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VBOX 40w Box Mod
VBOX 40w Box Mod
VBOX 40w Box Mod
Product Reviews

VBOX 40w Box Mod

Vapouriz are proud to present the VBOX 40w Sub-Ohm Box Mod.

This kit is probably the best value and highest performing Box Mod we offer! You want thick clouds of vapour? You got it with the VBOX 40w.

What's in the box
1 x V Box 40w Fixed Wattage Box Mod in black or metallic blue
1 x Sub Tank LITE Clearomizer
1 x 0.5ohm Sub Series Coil
1 x Micro USB charging cable
1 x FREE bottle of Sub-Ohm E-Liquid

Tech spec
40w Fixed Wattage
2200mah Internal Battery
Ergonomic comfort-fit design
Micro USB Charging port
2ml tank capacity (TPD Compliant)

Height: 135mm (Combined height of Box Mod with Sub Tank LITE)
Width: 38mm (width of Box Mod)
Depth: 22mm (depth of Box Mod)

As a beginner to vaping I didnt know what to expect with this kit, after having if for a week, I love it! Really easy to use, very comfortable to hold. The free liquid that comes with it is a great idea, as it gives you every thing you need to vape right out the box. Will be buying from here again.
I bought this vape and it arrived yesterday, and I'm honestly in love. I have already gone through my entire bottle of Pure Evil juice!! 10/10
Vapouriz comes up trumps again! I bought my first Vape stick from here (the Fuse starter kit) and recently have decided to upgrade and chose this kit which provides a wonderful, easy to use introduction to Sub-Ohm vaping. I must admit I remain absolutely confused by these kits that have variable voltage and other controls on them and I'm really not interested in producing a temporary weather front every time I exhale. I was just looking for something that will keep me off the cigarettes, has a good battery capacity and will allow me to vape some of the thicker, tastier e liquids I've experienced and this kit does all of that whilst being easy to put together and easy to use. The added bonus of the standard mini usb socket on the bottom means spare charging cables are not a problem since you probably already have one for your phone (excluding iPhone users of course). The included instructions don't seem to mention the purpose of the air holes in the unit, why they are important and why you can vary their size. I had to google this. On the whole, I cannot fault this unit on price, on performance or on usability. It's another winner and another example of why I rate Vapouriz above all others. If your Vape stick is a bit long in the tooth or you're tired of the battery life and buying replacements on a more frequent basis, you might want to give this a try.
I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it's a great kit, the clouds are massive, the flavour isn't cut too much and it's a great shape and size. The airflow is also really easily adjusted - but this can cause a problem, when trying to unscrew the tank to refill it, it's often really difficult as trying to turn it simply turns the airflow as you can't grip the base of it properly. It also makes a bit of an irritating sound if it's anything except completely closed and, to be honest, who will be using this with an entirely closed airflow unless they want to burn everything? That really is my only issue though, it's great value for money, the battery has a really long life and it stores lots of liquid; when you can open it to refill, that is.
Absolutely fantastic kit. I moved from the Fuse as I was keen on Sub-Ohming without the technical hassle you see online and I must say I am blown away. The size is perfect, the tank is brilliant as it holds 4ml, more than enough to last a few days, and also need charging once every couple of days (moderate use). The flavours really come alive, and I feel this is the best product on the market, value for money and satisfying! excellent work Vapouriz!!!
First i would like to say a huge thank you to the people at vapouriz, amazing customer service and very friendy. For 30 this is unbelievably good, simple to use, MASIVE clouds, excellent battery life and solid build quality. When comparing this VBox to sub-ohm kits a few of my friends have got (who have spent well over 100 on theirs) this easily matches those kits in terms of build quality, flavour, battery life and cloud size. 10/10
Fabulous starter kit! Really easy to set up. Easy to use and has adjustable air flow so you can control how much you inhale. It looks great and I am very pleased with this kit for the price.
Polly Gibbs
Very impressed with the quality of the product. Was looking for a good value introduction to the world of sub ohm vaping and after reading reviews on a vast amount of different suppliers decided to give this a go. The kit comes excellently packaged, easy to follow instructions, solid design and construction, modular components connect beautifully together, e liquid within the clearomizer does not leak due to the quality seals and the vapour that is produced tastes fantastic. Exceptional value for money, well done Vapouriz.
Russ Orton