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Atomizers & Coils

Find a great range of replacement atomizers and coils for your e-cigarette online at Vapouriz.

We carry a spare and replacement atomizers and coils to help you maintain your setup and get the best performance out of your Vapouriz e-cigarette.

The atomizer is at the heart of the e-cigarette; this clever device uses a heating element to vapourize e-liquid and create that signature cloud. The right atomizer will help you get the best vapour and taste from e-cig, and by regularly replacing the atomizer you can ensure e-liquids retain their taste and flavour and that e-cigs are safe and easy to use.

Shop online and find a great range of atomizers and coils for Vapouriz range e-cigarettes, including the FUSE, Aircore, Lumina and Voltair range. Whether you're looking for a dual coil clearomizer or a stylish new coloured atomizer, you can find the parts and accessories you need.