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What is Vaping?

The term ‘vaping’ defines the use of an electronic cigarette – or ‘e-cigarette’ – as a means of taking nicotine into the blood stream in place of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Vaping works by heating a substance called e-liquid using a battery and a coil, which in turn produces an inhalable vapour.

Vaping is a popular form of smoking cessation as it is 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco* and produces vapour rather than health-damaging smoke.

There are roughly 3 million people in the UK alone who currently use e-cigarettes as their preferred method of giving up smoking.

*PHE – Public Health England, an executive agency of the Department of Health in the UK.

Making the switch to Vaping

We know that quitting cigarettes is a daunting prospect and it’s even harder when you don’t quite know where to start. That’s why we’ve made things a little bit easier with these three simple steps to get you off on the right foot on your vaping journey:

1. Choose Your E-Liquid Strength

The e-liquid strength you require depends on the number of cigarettes you currently smoke per day. Generally speaking, a 5-10 a-day cigarette smoker would require a 6mg nicotine e-liquid, a 10-15 a-day smoker would require 11mg, 15-20 cigarettes per day would require 18mg and 20-25 a-day calls for 24mg. As you progress on your vaping journey and your cravings decrease, you can gradually reduce the strength of your e-liquid accordingly.

2. Choose your e-liquid flavour

Here at Vapouriz we have a massive selection of e-liquids to suit every style of kit and every vaping need. Browse through our extensive variety of flavours to find something which really tantalises your taste buds. From tobaccos to menthols, fruits to desserts – we’ve got it all.

3. Select your Vape Kit

With so many different e-cigarette kits out there and so much confusing vape terminology to decipher, you’d be forgiven for being unsure of what kind of kit is best for you. We think that a great starting point is with a ‘classic’ style kit, as these tend to include all of the necessary components you need to get up and running. They also require very little assembly and you don’t necessarily need previous knowledge or experience with vaping to figure them out.

Pod kits are another style of e-cigarette popular amongst beginners, as they use pods which are pre-filled with high-nicotine e-liquid which provides long-lasting satisfying relief from cravings. Some pod kits allow you to fill empty pods with your e-liquid of choice, and in this case we recommend using a ‘nic salt’ e-liquid as they contain a high concentration of nicotine which is quickly absorbed into the blood stream for fast-acting relief from cravings.


In order to get the very best experience from your e-liquid, we recommend that you always purchase from reputable manufacturers who use high-quality and ethically-sourced ingredients.

Here at Vapouriz, our e-liquids are proudly produced in our state-of-the-art Surrey labs and each ingredient is sourced exclusively and ethically from the UK, Europe and USA. Our liquids are made of VG (Vegetable Glycerine), PG (Propylene Gylcol), flavouring and nicotine, and absolutely nothing else.

Understanding PG and VG

All e-liquids are made of the same safe and non-toxic base. VG – Vegetable Glycerine, and PG – Propylene Glycol are used to form the foundation of all e-liquids and are considered completely safe for human consumption. PG and VG are both regularly used in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products

Propylene Glycol

PG (Propylene Glycol)

PG is an odourless, colourless liquid with a thin consistency and is used in e-liquid to provide the sensation in the throat which is similar to smoking a cigarette. PG does not contain any of the harmful chemicals associated with tobacco smoke.

Vegetable Glycerine

VG (Vegetable Glycerine)

VG derives from vegetable oil and is used as a thickening agent in e-liquid. VG is responsible for creating dense vapour clouds, which is why sub ohm e-liquids are described as ‘High VG’.

E-liquid varieties

E-liquid is available in a number of different types suitable for use with different devices. Each variety offers you a different sensation to suit your preference.

Classic E-Liquid

The term ‘classic’ refers to an e-liquid with a higher content of PG than VG and is best suited for use with low-wattage starter kits such as the Fuse or V-Mini.

Intended for use with low power high resistance classic kits.

Sub-ohm E-Liquid

Sub-ohm e-liquid is often referred to as ‘high VG’, which means it has a higher ratio of VG to PG. Because of the thickening effect of VG, these e-liquids are suited for the intermediate and advanced sub-ohm devices with high-wattage which are designed to produce a lot of vapour.

This style of vaping is known as ‘sub-ohm’ and tends to be more of a hobbyist practise than a means to smoking cessation. Sub ohm vaping produces amazing flavour payoff and huge cloud production.

Intended for use with high power low resistance sub-ohm kits.

50/50 E-Liquid

50/50 e-liquids contain an equal ratio of PG and VG, making them suitable for use in a wide range of low-power devices. 50/50 liquids are ideal for new vapers as they provide a perfect balance between flavour and vapour production, whilst also providing smooth and satisfying nicotine delivery.

Intended for use with most vape devices.

Nic Salt E-Liquid

Nicotine salt e-liquids, referred to as ‘nic salts’, perfectly simulate the strength and throat-hit sensation of the nicotine in a traditional tobacco cigarette. The nicotine, which is derived from salt (hence the name), is absorbed in to the blood stream far quicker than standard nicotine-containing e-liquids. Making for very satisfying vape which is particularly appealing and ideal for smoker looking for a stop-smoking aid.

Intended for use with low power high resistance classic kits.

Understanding Vape Kits

Vape kits, which come in all shapes and sizes, are the device used to turn e-liquid in to vapour. On the whole, vape kits fall in to one of two camps: Classic or Sub-Ohm.


These kits are more often than not the starter kit of choice for most vapers. Most classic kits are ‘pen’ shaped and are for use with high PG e-liquid.

Classic kits produce moderate amounts of vapour and provide a ‘smoke-like’ sensation.


The term ‘sub-ohm’ relates to resistance of the coil (heating element) being less than 1 ohm. This combined with a more powerful battery produces high levels of vapour often referred to as clouds. These devices are for use with high VG e-liquid.

Pod System

Pod kits are also available - either a closed system that has disposable one-time use cartridges with specific flavours, or refillable pod system that allows you to use your own liquid in your favourite flavour and strength.

How Vape Kits Work

The vast majority of electronic cigarettes consist of 2 main components: a Battery and a Tank, and work in the same way.

This 3 stage process explains the basic principle by which all vape kits function

There are countless different vape kits on the market, both classic and sub ohm, in differeing shapes and sizes, with advanced funtionality and features, but this basic principle remains the same.

More about Vape Coils

The coil plays a crucial part in the performance of any vape kit. Here are a few top coil facts

• Coils are specific to the particular tank/clearomizer
• Coils resistance is measured in Ohms
• Coils are a consumable part and require replacing
• Coils needs to be primed with e-liquid prior to use

Tips to help you Switch

It has been widely reported that you’re far more likely to quit cigarettes for good if you can avoid smoking completely for 28 days. To make those initial days a little easier, we’ve put together some helpful tips which should get you off on the right foot on your vaping journey.

Make a Plan

Planning is often the most important step of any pursuit, and quitting cigarettes is no different. To prepare yourself for this journey, it’s a good idea to pick a suitable start date and make sure you’ve got a decent supply of all the essential items you’re going to need, such as coils and e-liquid. You can also take advantage of the many stop smoking apps available, such as Cessation Nation and Livestrong, which provide ongoing advice and motivation and helps you monitor your progress.

We also have a number of dedicated Vapestores nationwide, so please feel free to pay us a visit for expert face-to-face support and guidance.

Look to the Future

There are so many benefits just waiting to be enjoyed when you quit cigarettes, including improved health, fresher breath and considerable savings. Remind yourself of these benefits and catch yourself before thinking about reaching for that cigarette packet.

Be Realistic

Quitting smoking isn’t easy for anyone, and there will be times when you’ll feel like abandoning quitting entirely. Always keep your reasons for quitting at the forefront of your mind to help you stay on track.

Celebrate Milestones

Always remember to congratulate yourself for reaching milestones on your quitting journey. Making it through a day, week or month without cigarettes is a big achievement and deserves recognition, so reward yourself with a little treat each time you reach a significant point.

Incorporate some Exercise

Research has proven that the endorphins released during exercise do wonders for reducing cravings. We recommend that you take up a new sport or regular walks to help take the edge off those pesky nicotine cravings.

Identify your Triggers

There will be many times a in a day that your routines and activities that you will have associated with smoking a cigarette. For example, that first one in the morning when you wake up or maybe you enjoy a post-dinner puff. Whatever your triggers are, it's best to identify them ahead of quitting so you know when to have your e-cigarette on hand as a satisfying substitute

Make the Switch Today

Stop smoking now and make the switch with these amazing and easy-to-use Quick Start Vape Kits. It comes with e-liquid and everything you need to get started.