Vapouriz in the Press

Electronic cigarettes have caused quite a stir in the press and Vapouriz products have received their fair share of press attention.

Vapouriz was approached by Endemol’s Big Brother team and asked to supply electronic cigarettes for one of the ‘shopping tasks’ on the popular programme.  Of course, we were more than happy to help; we join the nation in avidly watching Big Brother every time.  Our electronic cigarettes were provided as a ‘special treat’ for the housemates.  You can check out some of the footage here.

Our products have been very popular with Groupon and Wowcher subscribers, several deals have been available so far and we expect to provide more in the future, so be on the lookout.  Our products have also been featured on the MyVoucherCodes website, with several money saving deals that have proved popular.

So many celebrities are giving up the weed nowadays with the help of electronic cigarettes.  Join the likes of Paul Weller, Simon Cowell, Leonardo diCaprio – the list really is endless as more and more puffers jump on the e-cig bandwagon. 

In July, 2012 electronic cigarettes hit the news bigtime.  A Megabus coach travelling from Preston to London was the subject of a terror scare after a male passenger was seen pouring liquid into a bag which was ‘smoking’.  The motorway was closed and passengers were escorted from the bus by armed police (with fire and ambulance crews in attendance).  Police dogs roamed with their handlers and what looked like decontamination tents were set up.  The whole sorry hassle was caused by what turned out to be an electronic cigarette!  The poor guy who caused the commotion probably learned a useful lesson – make sure you top up your vape before leaving the house!