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Vapouriz 28 Day Vape Quit Kit

We've created the perfect Vape Quit Kit to help you get through your first 28 days of being cigarette-free.

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Vapouriz 28 Day Vape Quit Kit
Vapouriz 28 Day Vape Quit Kit
Vapouriz 28 Day Vape Quit Kit
Vapouriz 28 Day Vape Quit Kit

Vapouriz VApril QUIT Kit

Take the VApril challenge with the Vapouriz 28 Day Quit Kit to help smokers looking to make the switch and become cigarette-free for good. The Quit Kit comes with the convenient and easy to use FUSE Vape Pen, six bottles of Vapouriz Premium E-Liquid (your choice of flavours), and enough replacement heating elements to you get through your first 28 days.  To make it even easier we have also chosen the right nicotine strength to suit you, depending upon how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

Studies have shown that quitting cigarettes for 28 days makes you 5 times more likely to quit cigarettes for good!
The real beauty of the Quit Kit, lies in its effortless simplicity.  Not only have we taken the headache out of finding and purchasing all the necessary components, but the pen itself is extremely simple to operate - even for the novice user. Perhaps most importantly, the FUSE vape pen allows you to mimic the action and sensation of smoking.

What's in the box 
1 x FUSE Starter Kit - comprising of:
  - FUSE Vape Battery (650mAh - giving you charge for most of a day)
  - FUSE Vape Tank (Refillable and convenient)
- Charging cable and adapter
- User manual
1 x FUSE Tank Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)(Heating elements)
6 x Bottles of Vapouriz Premium E-Liquid

Top Tip!
Make sure to leave the vape pen standing for 15 mins after filling it up with e-liquid for the first time - this ensures sufficient saturation of the heating element for improved flavour and satisfaction.  Watch our simple video below.

Key Features 
Easy to set up
Easy to use
Less prone to/no leaking
Simulates cigarettes in delivering throat hit and authentic flavour

Height: 138mm (based on 650mAh battery with vape tank)
Diameter: 14mm

About Vapouriz
Based in the UK, Vapouriz is one of the leading manufacturers of e-cigarette kits, vaping hardware and e-liquids in the world.