National No Smoking Day

National No Smoking Day 

The 13th of March 2013 sees National No Smoking Day in the UK and a time for all smokers to seriously consider an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes offer the perfect opportunity to try something different and in the week of National No Smoking Day is the best chance to get some great discounts and offers on e-cigarettes and accessories.

To celebrate No Smoking Day, Vapouriz will be offering a one day only universal discount code.  This will be launched through our Facebook and Twitter accounts and also through our email newsletter so make sure you are signed up for all the latest product news and discounts.

Established in 1983, No Smoking Day works to support smokers who want to quit. The charity does this by raising awareness of the day, which takes place on the second Wednesday in March every year.

The No Smoking Day campaign helps smokers who want to quit by creating a supportive environment for them, and by highlighting the many sources of help and advice available. The day remains the UK's foremost public health event, bringing together professionals who share an interest in promoting health, generating significant media coverage, and providing an annual focus for the three in every four smokers who want to stop.

We'd love to hear how you, our customers have quit smoking by making the switch, and we will be giving away prizes on the day to the best stories. All you need to do is send a tweet mentioning @vapouriz and #stopsmoking, or post on our Facebook page.

Many people stop smoking using a variety of methods, but hundreds of thousands of people in the UK (and millions worldwide) have done so by switching to electronic cigarettes. Whilst not a quit smoking aid, it is a healthier and cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes.

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