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18mg Nicotine shot for e-liquids 

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Just Nic It Nicotine Shot by Just Juice

Hot Shot is a nicotine shot that you can add to short fill bottles containing 50ml of nicotine-free e-liquid, with 10ml of extra space within the bottle to accommodate your nicotine shot.

Typically by adding a 10ml nicotine shot to a 50ml short fill will give you a 60ml of 3mg e-liquid.

Technical Details:

10ml E-Liquid  
Available in 18mg nicotine strength


About Just Juice

When best friends and smokers Carlos and Andy both discovered vaping, they grew disillusioned with bland e-liquids disguised in loud packaging that didn’t deliver flavour exciting enough to make the journey worthwhile. So they pooled their business talents, teamed up with the best e-liquid manufacturers and launched Just Juice in 2019. The rest is vaping history. Just Juice comes in the tangiest, tastiest, fruitiest flavours around. The flavours are long-lasting, less allergenic and easier on the throat than many alternatives. Their convenient squeezy shortfill bottles are on their way to becoming icons in the vaping world and make a for a handy way to top up your tanks.