The Vapouriz E Cig Range is Growing!

Thursday 21st August, 2014 | Vapouriz News | 1 Comment

There is no question that when the laws banning smoking in public places were introduced in the UK, they had significant effects in everyday life for many people. Now a new breed of e cigarette users has emerged, and things have already started undergoing massive new changes once again.

These new e-cig users don't have yellow stained fingers and smell terrible like smokers did in the old days. This is because these so called 'vapers' are making use of electronic cigarette technology and the associated products that are available from go-ahead companies like Vapouriz.

According to the latest figures there are now more than two million e-cig smokers in the UK, and that number is getting bigger all the time. As recently as two years ago that number was only 700,000 strong, so the rapid increase is taking even the biggest vaping fans by surprise.

Now there are many shops and cafes opening all over the country aimed at giving e-cigarette users exactly what they want. They use specialist suppliers like Vapouriz to offer a range of premium electronic cigarette products from all corners of the world, from Brazil to Australia and everywhere in-between.

E Cig Accessories

The Vapouriz E Cig Range is Growing!

There are many different types of vapour cigarette accessories and extras to make sure that every e-cig user can have a really personalised experience. Vapouriz offer a wide range of specialist products sourced from the very best manufacturers both in the UK and abroad, which are always being updated to reflect the latest trends and innovations.

Whether for a novice vaper of any experienced pro, Vapouriz has everything you need to get the most out of e-cigarettes.

New E liquid Flavours

The Vapouriz E Cig Range is Growing!

At the heart of vaping lies the e-liquid that is heated up in the electronic cigarette. These nicotine suspensions are manufactured in the UK and come in many different flavours; Vapouriz Premium e liquid features 65 different versions to suit all tastes.

The brand new 'Pocket fuel' range is a great example; an American-inspired e-juice with flavours including aniseed, citrus, strawberry and even moonshine! Different strengths of nicotine are also available.

Advanced Mods

The Vapouriz E Cig Range is Growing!

A commitment to offering the very latest in electronic cigarette technology means Vapouriz has new advanced kits that contain clearomizers, and branded items from companies including Vision and Kangertech.

The Vision XFire E-Flare Variable Voltage Self Feeding Mod comes with two 10ml e-liquid tubes and is installed with a completely clear tube. You simply invert the mod momentarily to 'juice' the replaceable coil heads, and as the E-Flare features a well any excess liquid drops back down into the side tube.

Built entirely out of 304 Pure Stainless Steel, the E-Flare Kit comes with one 1.8ohm Dual Coil Vivi Nova head installed, and also includes one extra dual coil head. This unit also holds 10 ml of e-liquid, which is more than many other models on the market.

E Cig Batteries

The Vapouriz E Cig Range is Growing!

The Vision Spinner Variable Voltage Battery comes in 650mAh, 900mAh or 1100mAh and is anadvanced version of the standard Vapouriz Tank battery. The circuit has been modified to allow adjustment of the output voltage from 3.2V to 4.8V and it is controlled by a computer chipset.

This means users can 'twist' the control dial at the base of the battery to adjust the output voltage to their own individual levels. As every vaper knows, each e-liquid has an optimum temperature to provide the best of its own unique flavour. finding this 'sweet spot' has never been easier than when you use this battery.

The Vapouriz Vision Spinner battery can also be charged with the Vapouriz Tank USB line charger, also available from Vapouriz.

New Products

Because electronic cigarettes are such a contemporary and dynamic phenomenon, the mods range changes all the time with new products, additions and ideas for all kinds of vaping paraphernalia.

Some other products any vaper is likely to want to try are things such as lanyards to keep e-cigs safe at hand and replacement heads for when they are needed. For the pro vaper who knows exactly what he or she wants, Vapouriz offer Pro Vaping Kits and E-Cig Mods Kits that take customising your vaping experience to a whole new level.

What's Next?

The Vapouriz E Cig Range is Growing!

With companies like Vapouriz at the head of the movement as a global provider of electronic cigarette and e liquid products via direct and wholesale purchases, there really seems to be no limit to the way in which the technologies and continued innovations will keep on expanding.

You only have to stop and think that smartphones are less than a decade old to realise that the way we use new technology today is different from previous generations, so what the future holds in store for e-cigs is really anyone's guess.

One thing is certain, and that is that e-cigarettes are here to stay. With all the new products and developments, vapers have very exciting times ahead.