Quitting Smoking? Are E Cigarettes the Answer?

Thursday 20th December, 2012 | Vapouriz News | 1 Comment

Battery powered e cigarettes are marketed as safe products, and they are said to help people give up their habit of smoking. But, the pros and cons of such products have not been completely established, as studies are still going on regarding the effects of e cigarettes.

Studies highlight the benefits

A study conducted by a research group in Italy highlights the benefits of e cigarettes. According to the study, after using e cigarettes for a period of 6 months, 50 percent of the regular smokers cut down on their smoking and 25 percent left smoking altogether. These research figures can be considered as an indication that e cigarettes are a reliable method of quitting smoking.

A healthier choice

People, who are trying to quit smoking using an e cigarette, are lured by the various health benefits it offers. Electronic cigarettes are devoid of many cancer-causing harmful chemicals that are present in the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Unlike normal cigarettes, e cigs do not lead to tar deposition in your lungs and arteries. The nicotine content in e cigarettes is very less and so the chances of developing fatal diseases are almost none.

Smoke-free option

E cigarettes do not produce any smoke as they do not burn tobacco. When used, the liquid nicotine in the e cigarettes turns into vapour. This will give you the feel of a real cigarette without inhaling smoke. In this way, you will be able to smoke an e cigarette anywhere, without offending or harming people around you. The vapours produced by the e cigarette are completely odourless, which is an added advantage.

More economical

Compared to regular cigarettes, e cigarettes are found to be an economical option. A regular sized e cigarette cartridge is equivalent to about 15-20 traditional cigarettes. Moreover, the rechargeable batteries ensure that the e cigarettes last for a long time. This will allow you to stop spending money on cigarettes every now and then.

The disadvantages

People who are trying to quit smoking using an e cigarette should also be aware of the disadvantages an e cig offers. Certain studies show that prolonged and excessive use of e cigarettes may cause damage to the lungs. There are also no rules to regulate the sale of this product. This may lead to the development of addiction to e cigarettes among young people.

So, before you switch over to e cigarettes, you should make a thorough study of the benefits and disadvantages it offers. This will help you to decide whether using e cigs is the answer to quitting traditional tobacco cigarettes

Author: Brett Vapouriz