Give Up Tobacco and Earn Loyalty Rewards

Thursday 2nd January, 2014 | Vapouriz News

Give Up Tobacco With Us & Earn Loyalty Discount!

We value our customers and work very hard to make sure you come back to us. Every time you place an order with us, you earn loyalty points. In fact, you earn 10 points for every pound you spend. Those points automatically add themselves to your account and equate to a 5% discount rate, So for every 200 points (Or a £20 spend) You'll receive a £1 Discount towards anything we stock!

You can check our Vapouriz Rewards Page and start earning discount today! There, you'll find all the info you need to start earning those points whilst giving up smoking: You'll not only be saving stacks of cash by giving up the demon weed tobacco but you'll be getting rewarded for coming back to us!

Our Facebook and Twitter Competitions and Discount!

We love getting your feedback and talking you through the process of giving up smoking tobacco. If you're unsure about any aspect of vaping or e-cigarettes then you could email or call us... but you could always get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. We have rewards schemes on there too as well as awesome competitions where we regularly give away everything from or UK made premium e-liquids to top of the line vapourizers such as our Tank. Pop us a follow and get involved: You never know, you may just win something! Vapouriz Facebook PageVapouriz Twitter Page

We Reward your loyalty: No Whiffs or Butts.

E-cigarettes: Better all Round

More than 1 million people in Britain have kicked the harmful smoking habit and taken up harmless e-cigarette vaping. It’s the healthy choice that also delivers the required nicotine hit.

At a time when smokers have been banished and banned from almost anywhere, relegated to hovering around outside under plumes of toxic smoke, elsewhere, people are activating their e-cigarettes and "smoking" them wherever they like.

Currently, there's no legislation concerning the use of e-cigarettes anywhere, indoors or outdoors. So it's perfectly legal to vape them wherever you choose. There's no smoke from the devices, only harmless water vapour that apes the plumes of paper cigarettes but doesn't contain the many deadly chemicals that result from burning tobacco.

Etiquette is another matter when lighting up e-cigarettes, however, and it's always best to ask those around you before doing so, particularly when indoors and in case people might think you were smoking a tobacco cigarette and become annoyed! In our experience though, people do not seem to mind, often commenting on the fact the vape juice smell nice. Especially when it comes to the fruit flaovours or menthols.

Buy Your E Cigs From the Best:

Vapouriz is one of the leading suppliers of e-cigarettes in the UK and has many dozens of flavours to choose from. Traditionalists might like to stick to tobacco while the more adventurous can opt for all manner of fruity flavours or menthol and mint.

You can also choose the strength of nicotine in the e-liquid refills that are inserted into the e-cigarette and heated via a lithium-ion battery to begin the smoking, or vaping, process. Strengths range from low to medium and high, and you can even have a zero-nicotine e-liquid refill.

The Benefits of Using Our Electronic Cigarettes:

Health professionals agree that compared to deadly tobacco cigarettes and cigars, e-cigarettes pose little or no threat to health. Quite simply, the toxins found in tobacco that’s burning are not present in any form in e-cigarettes, and the only reason people have smoked paper cigarettes up to now is to get the nicotine – everything else in them is really superfluous but, unfortunately, lethal.

Not only are e-cigarettes not harmful to your health, they’re also beneficial to your pocket. E-cigarette refills only cost a few pounds and can last for weeks. Compared to the high prices of tobacco cigarettes, that amounts to huge savings – potentially thousands of pounds a year.

In weighing the benefits of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes, the electronic version wins hands down. They’re better for you, don’t pollute the immediate environment, don’t stink up your clothes – and save you a small fortune, as well as your health.