Why Artificial Cigarettes May be the Future of Smoking

Friday 17th January, 2014 | Vaping News | 2 Comments

A recent Daily Mail article provided the estimate that one and a half million people in the UK are now using e-cigarettes in their bid to quit the real thing. So, whether you have set yourself a specific resolution to quit smoking cigarettes, or simply want to escape the frightening side-effects of doing so, using e-cigs as your giving-up instrument of choice is seen as an increasingly-wise course of action.If you are a regular smoker then your brain and body are used to the physical actions (often called “muscle memory”) and mental stimuli that this involves. Therefore, because other methods of quitting immediately remove this regular activity, many people simply don’t find them successful.

Water Vapour, Not Smoke!

On the other hand, when using e-cigarettes you do continue to mimic those actions that your body and mind are both used to and comfortable with. You still receive a measured amount of nicotine, and inhale this in the traditional way. The difference is, though, that you are actually inhaling the nicotine with water vapour – rather than the harmful tobacco and tar of traditional cigarettes. One typical comment gained from users of e-cigs sums this up: “My brain thinks I’m still smoking, but my smoker’s cough is a thing of the past.”Of course, there are other benefits of using e-cigs. As you will soon discover from a simple test here on our Vapouriz website, you can quickly be saving substantial amounts of money – especially as the price of cigarettes is always likely to increase with every budget announcement from the Chancellor of the Exchequer! Choosing from our wide range of products, such as the Tank or Gemini, you also remove cigarette stubs and falling ash from your life, and you free your clothes from the pungent smell of tobacco. By doing so, you tend to make life more pleasant for those friends, family, and work colleagues who come into regular contact with you.

E-Cigarettes: a Safer Alternative


Of course, the primary reason why most people would like to quit smoking cigarettes is to improve their health. The Daily Mail article also highlighted the frightening fact that, every five minutes in the UK, someone dies of a tobacco-related disease or illness. It also mentioned that the NHS website has noted that: “'Smoking e-cigarettes is generally regarded as a safer alternative to smoking for those unable or unwilling to stop using nicotine”.


Just a few years ago, smoking an e-cigarette might have been thought a curious thing to do. Nowadays, such an action is an accepted part of daily life. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katherine Heigl, and Robert Pattinson are just three of many celebrities who have been captured happily e-cigging!

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