Vapourizer cigarette: is there a difference between vaping & e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have become the ultimate go-to nicotine replacement product to help smokers kick the habit. With a product so remarkably akin to actual smoking, they do so much to help battle the cravings. But what a lot of electronic cigarette users don't know is that there is an incredible range of electronic cigarettes out there and there can be a huge difference between them. One of the most common questions asked is: "What is the difference between electronic cigarettes and vapourizers?" The look [img678-L] The term "electronic cigarettes" is used loosely and covers a huge range of models. However, if you were going to be pernickety about it, electronic cigarettes look like imitation cigarettes. They have the same distinct white/orange markings and a light on the end which emanates the glow of an actual cigarette when you inhale. On the other hand, vapourizers look distinctly different. They have glass chambers which you fill with liquid that comes in a variety of flavours, colours and are longer and less streamlined. They tend to have a specific mouth bit to enhance inhaling. Generally, the benefits here tend to be whether you want something that looks like the real deal and satisfies that particular need or whether you want something a bit trendier and more versatile that lets everyone know you're not actually smoking.

Where you can buy them?

You can buy electronic cigarettes from many different places; but whilst electronic cigarettes are readily available in supermarkets and chemists, vapourizers tend to be sold by specialist, often online, stores. This is because they offer a much wider variety of styles, nicotine strengths and e-liquid flavours.

The vapour

This is where the biggest difference of all comes in. Some electronic cigarette users will prefer e-cigarettes because they offer a deeper, throatier, fuller nicotine hit, which feels more like the real deal. However, what many vaping fans enjoy is the variety you get with vapourizer cigarettes. The e-liquids themselves come in a huge range of flavours, such as traditional tobacco, fruity flavours, and even more novelty flavours like candy floss and gin and tonic. Users also have more flexibility with the overall function of the vapourizer cigarette and can change elements like the mouth piece or atomiser, which in turn changes the size of the vapour cloud blown. Despite these differences, the most important thing to note about both electronic cigarettes and vapourizers is that they both produce a vapour instead of smoke.