The Benefits of E Cigarettes vs. Tobacco

Tuesday 6th May, 2014 | Vaping News | 1 Comment

Why E Cigs Could Prolong your Life...

The Benefits of E Cigarettes vs. Tobacco

The electronic cigarette was launched on the American market in 2007, offering a viable alternative to the smoking of tobacco. These products are now sold across the world, classed as a general consumer product and widely available online. Last year, the number of those using e-cigarettes in the UK was set to top a million.

There are a huge variety of E CIgarette Starter Kits to choose from: They may look similar in size to your regular smokes (In some cases), but there is no tobacco inside. So there is also no tar, and it is the tar in ordinary cigarettes which is the real cause behind smoking-related deaths and illnesses. Instead, a mechanism warms up a liquid mixture that may contain nicotine, which in turn becomes a vapour that users breathe in and out.

There are no lighters or matches involved, since electric cigs are battery-operated, with a vaporisation chamber and a liquid nicotine-filled cartridge.

Break the Tobacco Habit and Save Money!

The Benefits of E Cigarettes vs. Tobacco

The idea is that you will eventually feel able to stop puffing away altogether, so that ex-smokers reap the financial and health rewards of being non-smokers. What’s more, because the e-cigarette can be re-used, it saves people money from the outset.

Professor John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians has explained that nicotine in itself is not especially dangerous, or no more so than, say, caffeine. He also said that if all the UK’s smokers switched to e-cigs, some five million deaths could be saved among those who are alive now.

Another advantage is that, because nothing is burning, there is no smell. This also means, of course, no messily overflowing ashtrays to empty. Yet the taste is the same.

Equally, “smokers” can choose the strength or amount of nicotine in their electronic cigarettes. These range from levels ranging from regular full strength cig strength to those of light, regular tobacco.. Right down to zero nicotine if you're trying to do away with it entirely. This flexibility can really help smokers kick the habit gradually as they aim to create healthier, wealthier new selves.

There are even versions with cartridges which are filled with liquid that doesn’t contain nicotine, so that users have the same feeling of smoking without any of its damaging effects.

Vapouriz Conform to All UK Guidelines

The Benefits of E Cigarettes vs. Tobacco

While the regulation of these products is still evolving, given the relative newness of these items, and they may not be usable absolutely everywhere, you can use them far more widely than conventional cigarettes, so there’s far less huddling in freezing doorways!

So for those seeking to save money and enjoy a healthier lifestyle by kicking a habit that’s notoriously hard to break, these products make an excellent starting point.