How EU Parliament's Vote On TPD Will Affect Vapers

As many of you will already know, yesterday the European Parliament passed their vote to restrict the sales of electronic cigarette products as part of their Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) draft.

Bear in mind that this will not directly affect the industry and vape users until 2016 and it is possible that the vape community will have some time to have their say and set up online petitions during the coming months.


How This Will Affect You (In Plain English)

• Nicotine strengths will be limited to 20mg/ml concentration • Tank capacities will be limited to 2ml • E Liquid bottles cannot exceed 10mls • Certain forms of advertising electronic cigarettes will be restricted - possibly including online vaping broadcasts and forums • It gives governments the power to restrict certain flavourings and classify certain e-cig products as medicinal

It Could Be Worse:

Here at Vapouriz we truly value the vaping community and we're already seeing the huge outcry this has caused. The vote has been passed by EU Parliament so the next stage is for the TPD to go up in front of EU Ministers to officially pass the policy as Law… Then it still needs the UK Government to amend the UK law before it is implemented in Britain.

It will take time and that gives the Vaping community a window to have its say.

The Vapouriz Promise:

We pride ourselves on providing a premium product here at Vapouriz and will always confirm to and exceed any law or quality standard that is put in place. Our intention is to provide the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction possible and while the ruling may be a little restrictive it will not make any difference to the premium quality you have come to expect from us.

We're all for ensuring that guidelines are met and that restrictions are in place which make it harder for unregulated e cigarette and e juice manufacturers to produce sub standard products. Our only concern is that Vapers themselves may be the ones suffering. It should be easy and convenient… Especially for the many hundreds of thousands of people in the UK who gave up smoking tobacco with the aid of vaping!

Have Your Say About the Ruling:

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this: Please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and lets get the debate going. Is it too harsh? Is it a good thing? Will it directly affect you? Where do you see the future of vaping going? Is there a hidden agenda?

Please feel free to let us know!


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