Holland bans e cigarettes and makes them Medicinal Products

Holland (Netherlands) Bans Electronic Cigarettes

Mrs Schippers, the Minister of Health, announced on the 23rd December that the sale and import of electronic cigarettes is banned from today. E-cigarettes will require a pharma license. Very bad news for the Dutch, and a decision that will lead to the loss of thousands of lives. The Dutch pharmaceutical industry will be very happy now that their income is protected. Holland can now prepare for a large black market, the loss of income to the state from retail sales of e-cigarettes, the loss of jobs from retailers, the money going into the hands of smugglers, thousands of smokers dying unnecessarily, and the state bearing the cost of treating their illnesses. All to save the pharma industry shareholders a few bucks. Google Translate, the letter of notification: http://translate.google.com/translat...ret%5B1%5D.pdf