Health Expert: E-Cigarettes as Dangerous as Coffee

Are E-Cigs Safe?

With so much conflicting information regarding electronic cigarettes, it can be hard to know fact from fiction. Certainly there are those who would ban 'vaping' from public places and argue that it "nomalises" smoking. But the statstics speak for themselves:

- 2.1 Million people in the UK use electronic cigarettes

- The number of people 'vaping' has trebled in the last 2 years

- E Cig users are 60% less likely to return to tobacco compared to other cessation aids

- Electronic Cigarettes enable users to keep their nicotine intake without the toxins that traditional tobacco cigarettes contain

Check out this video from the BBC and see what a health expert has to say on the matter of the public using e-cigs. Don't forget to comment down below and join in the discussion. We want to hear what you have to say on the matter.