Father’s Day Kits from Vapouriz

Monday 13th June, 2016 | Vaping News

Father's Day officially began in 1910 in Washington, US, and is now a celebration of fatherhood around the world. Typically Father's day gifts include neckties, cuff links and the dreaded pair of socks. So, why don't you get your Dad a little bit extra, and hopefully help him to join the many customers we've helped to cut down, and even stop, smoking traditional cigarettes.

Make your Dad's Day

What better way to say 'I love ya' Dad than giving them a gift which will not only save them huge amounts of money but also stops them from inhaling the 6,000 chemicals found in cigarettes!

Father’s Day Kits from VapourizOur bestselling FUSE starter kit, which recently won the 'best tank' award at the 2016 Vapouround Awards, comes complete with your choice of THREE x 10ml UK Made E-Liquids. Choose from 8 delicious flavours including Classic Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco, Black Cherry and Strawberry Bliss. Our Father's Day FUSE Kit from Vapouriz offers an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to smoking, or can be a reliable daily vape kit for beginner and experienced vapers alike.

Father’s Day Kits from VapourizAlternatively choose the sleek and stylish VOLTAIR Fixed Wattage Mod where Dad will receive large, thick and dense vapour clouds, to satisfy those pesky nicotine cravings. The VOLTAIR comes complete with THREE x 10ml Pure Evil e-liquids of your choice. Our Father's Day VOLTAIR Kit is aimed slightly more at intermediate to advanced users, but it delivers much bigger voluminous and flavourful clouds, that would please the discerning cloud chaser!

Whichever Father's Day Gift Set you choose, there is no tar, tobacco or carbon monoxide, so give your Dad the gift of vaping this Father's Day and help him make the change, today!

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