European E-Cigarette Industry Exceeds 500m

In the recent years, there has been a huge growth in the Electronic Cigarette Industry in Europe. These cigarettes are available not only online but also at many retail outlets in Europe. There are many factors which profoundly contribute to the growth of the European e cigarette industry.

Flexibility to users

One of the main factors responsible for the popularity of electronic cigarettes in Europe is the flexibility it offers to the user. Users can decide the nicotine level needed in their electronic cigarettes, which is a feature you won’t find in traditional tobacco cigarettes. Users can select their e liquid and purchase their own DIY electronic cigarette kits as well. One can also choose from a variety of flavours of electronic cigarettes available. All these features make the experience of smoking electronic cigarettes exciting and enjoyable.

E cigs are easily available

Another reason behind the growth of electronic cigarette industry can be attributed to the easy availability of the commodity. Initially, these cigarettes were available only online. But now, they are available on many popular distribution channels and at all leading supermarket stores across Europe.

No stringent laws

Till date, there is no hard and fast legislation that regulates the use of electronic cigarettes in Europe. This allows smokers to use electronic cigarettes more freely in public places, compared to tobacco cigarettes. This absence of stringent laws can be considered as one of the factors behind the growth of European e cigarette industry.

Laws governing tobacco consumption

In Europe, there are many laws that govern the consumption of tobacco cigarettes. These laws prohibit the consumption of tobacco cigarettes and also restrict their availability. These increasing regulations on tobacco cigarettes are another factor responsible behind the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes in Europe.

Healthier option

Electronic cigarettes are considered to be healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes. It has been proven that electronic cigarette smoking does not lead to heart and lung troubles which are usually associated with smoking traditional cigarettes. Also, many smokers have admitted that they have reduced smoking regular cigarettes in a considerable manner, after switching over to electronic cigarettes. These benefits have made more people across Europe switch over to electronic cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes.

Due to the high demand and growing popularity of electronic cigarettes in Europe, giants in the field of tobacco cigarette industry have also started manufacturing their own brands of electronic cigarettes, along with the traditional ones.

Author: Brett Vapouriz