Can e-Cigarettes Save Relationships?

Monday 18th July, 2016 | Vaping News

Have you ever considered how vaping could save your relationship? Here we discuss how switching from smoking to e-cigarettes could have a positive impact on your relationship, social life or even your dating life!

Today is ‘Get Out of the Doghouse Day’ — the perfect opportunity to contemplate making the big switch from smoking to vaping! Join us as we explore the positive impact that making the big switch could have on your relationship!

It’s a common strain on so many relationships; one partner enjoys smoking while the other is pressuring them to give up. Often this pressure isn’t solely down to health concerns; there are plenty of other reasons why your partner may be trying to topple your relationship with cigarettes.

The Cost of Smoking

Firstly, let’s consider the cost of smoking vs vaping. Based on a smoking habit of 20 a day you would be spending approximately £9.08 on cigarettes per day. That’s £63.56 per week with an approximate monthly spend of £275.13 and an approximate annual spend of £3305.12!

Now let’s compare that figure to the annual cost of using an e-cigarette, with an estimated spend of £381.38 per year including e-liquids and accessories!

This figure is based on 4 e-cigarette kits costing £19.99 each, totaling £79.96 per year; one £3.99 bottle of e-liquid per week, costing a total of £207.48 per year; 26 replacement coils costing you £2 each, totaling £52 per year; 6 clearomizers at £6.99 each, costing you £41.94 per year.

That’s a saving of £2923.74 each year! Financial strain is a common burden in many relationships but a saving as significant as this could potentially eliminate that strain and pay for an extra holiday or two. Why not prepare with our guide to vaping abroad?

Domestic Disadvantages

There are many domestic disadvantages to consider. There’s no doubt that your partner has complained about the smell of stale smoke loitering in clothes, carpets, and soft furnishings. Maybe you’ve been relegated to the doorstep to light-up. Either way, there are clear benefits to switching to vaping including the pleasant aromas emitted by e-cigarettes compared to lingering toxic smoke from your cigarettes. With a seemingly infinite range of e-liquid flavours on the market, you’re spoilt for choice and we carry an extensive range of delicious flavours produced right here in the UK!

Social Strain

Have you considered the social implications of your smoking habit? Leaving your partner to sip their drink alone while you venture out to socialize with strangers in the designated smoking area isn’t going to make for an enjoyable evening. Although the rules on vaping indoors remain cloudy (excuse the pun) in many establishments, your non-smoking partner is far more likely to be ok sitting outside with you while you vape than sitting alone inside or cramping themselves into the smoking area to avoid another five minutes of solitude, or you may even be lucky enough to find yourself in an establishment that allows vaping indoors!

Tensions could also be caused by your smoking habit on social occasions that are important to your partner. Dashing outside for your fifth cigarette of the evening could cause you to miss out on the special moment that friends and relatives will be talking about for years to come.

Vaping Your Way to a Second Date

Now let’s shift the focus from those in relationships to those smokers who are navigating their way through the minefield of modern dating. Smoking is often seen as a deterrent for potential partners and the social implications previously mentioned could well be the reason you’re not getting any second dates. In fact, a 2015 survey carried out by oral hygiene company DenTek showed that 52% of respondents declared ‘fag breath’ their number one turn-off on a first date!

As a relatively new concept, there is still plenty of curiosity surrounding e-cigarettes, with many people seemingly unaware of the diverse range of e-liquid flavours, nicotine strengths, and hardware options to suit every individual’s taste and requirements. This makes vaping a great conversation starter – something that can often be hard to find when the nerves kick in on that crucial first date! It could be as simple as placing your e-cig on the table or simply asking your date ‘Do you vape?’.

Everyone loves a success story and describing your journey from smoking to vaping could be a great way to show your potential beau some traits they’ll really admire.

So there you have it. Whether you’re in the doghouse because your partner is sick of living with stale smoke or you feel like your habit is restricting your relationship opportunities, switching to e-cigarettes could significantly improve your situation! If you’re inspired to take the first step, why not start by checking out our award-winning FUSE e-cigarette starter kit?