Best Electronic Cigarettes UK

Vapouriz Gemini electronic cigarette The Vapouriz Gemini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is quite possibly the best way to get introduced to vaping. When you're selecting a product for the first time, you want something portable, durable and reliable.

This example ticks all three boxes. With most e cigarettes, you tend to find that the atomizer and cartridge are separate components, which can make assembling and refilling the device a little fiddly. But with the Gemini's cartomizer, these two usually separate features are all in one. Used with premium e-liquids with needle-nosed bottles, you'll find that refills are easy. It's also straightforward to recharge the product from a USB adaptor, and the use of premium materials makes it a lot more resistant to regular wear and tear. All in all, it has to be one of the best electronic cigarettes available in the UK right now. LUMINA The LUMINA is another product that's really ahead of the field when it comes to ease of use and overall vaping experience. It has an elegant design, with a bottom filled clearomizer that minimises the chance of leakage. The coiled heating element can be replaced, meaning you don't have to dispense with the whole clearomizer once the coil burns out over time. This makes it easier than ever to maintain the performance of your vaping device and keep your vape consistent and smooth. The LUMINA takes an impressive 450mAh rechargeable battery, which is great for retaining power, and it can also be charged over a USB. So there you have it - Vapouriz make two great contenders for the best electronic cigarette in the UK. Both perform well over time, and both feature great design features. Try for yourself and find out which is best suited to your needs.