Approving E-Cigarettes and Safety Concerns

The news broke a few weeks ago that some of the world’s biggest tobacco firms are beginning to licence their own e-cigarette variants; however, what makes this news particularly important is the fact that countries like the UK are starting to approve of these products. For example, BAT’s nicotine inhaler has received approval to be sold in the UK, whilst Big Tobacco have begun creating inhalers to be sold under EU regulations.

A few months ago, the idea of these products being approved would have sounded far-flung at best, but with the introduction of new smoking laws and regulations, it’s becoming easier to approve e-cigarettes than ever before.

So why is this the case?

The process for approving products to be used in the UK and EU is particularly complex, as seen by the hundreds of articles discussing them every year across the media. In fact, institutions such as the FDA have launched Q&A pages on their websites discussing the use of e-cigarettes and whether they would be considered for approval in the future.

The FDA writes “FDA issued a letter to the Electronic Cigarette Association inviting electronic cigarette firms to work in cooperation with the agency toward the goal of assuring that electronic cigarettes sold in the United States are lawfully marketed. The agency intends to regulate electronic cigarettes and related products in a manner consistent with its mission of protecting the public health.” In the US at least, there is an open invitation for companies to work alongside local authorities to approve their products and ensure that they are lawfully marketed in these regions.

Of course, these companies have their concerns – the regulation of nicotine content, the varying qualities of e-cigarette liquid and the potential problem of children using e-cigarette products are all reasons why the boards might not choose to approve these products yet. However, rogue manufacturers who cut corners to save profits are the main cause of many of these problems; verified and approved manufacturers of e-cigarettes will always work within international guidelines to make sure that their content and quality remain constant throughout the manufacturing process.

As for children using the e-cigarette, it’s the joint responsibility of manufacturers, advertisers and indeed users to teach children that e-cigarettes are not to be used under any circumstances. Vapouriz has always taken great care in it's branding to appeal solely to the adult market.

The old safetly debate...

However, potentials problems with e-cigarettes and approval are one matter, but many people are reluctant to approve of e-cigarettes due to their safety concerns.

There have been several stories in the press detailing problems and disasters by users of e-cigarettes, such as burning down property or even exploding during use. These are thankfully rare occurrences and are often explained by user error rather than a malfunction in the cigarette itself.

E-cigarettes, like dozens of products designed for personal use, must reach an accepted standard across the EU and other regions where they are sold – these products must be assessed to be safe for use if manufacturers wish to sell them on the market.

With Vapouriz products, we can assure you that our products have been tested and verified to comply with international standards when it comes to their electric systems and overall safety. We pride ourselves on strict testing and always abding by any current legislation.

However, it’s important that when using e-cigarettes you follow all guidance and instruction provided by the manufacturer.

Approving E-Cigarettes and Safety Concerns

Many e-cigarettes like Vapouriz use rechargeable batteries, which can be plugged into the mains in order to keep the e-cigarette going for as long as possible; however, we tend to forget to basic safety tips of using chargers around the home even today. You must ensure that your charger is kept in a clean and dry place, and the e-cigarette itself must be charged in a safe location – this is to prevent any flammable material from coming into contact with it. However, charging the unit also comes with its own precautions; never overcharge the e-cigarette or leave it unsupervised when charging.

E Liquid Safetly

Approving E-Cigarettes and Safety Concerns

The liquid itself is also plays a key role in using e-cigarettes safely – after all, it acts as a liquid nicotine and therefore must be treated with care and caution. If ingested, the nicotine is highly toxic, so keep it away from small children or pets that could take a sip accidentally. You also need to take care with how you store your liquid; ensure it’s kept in a cool and dry place, so it won’t overheat and potentially catch fire. When refilling your e-cigarette, take care with the liquid so as you don’t spill it; it might cause stains and damage to other items – if it goes on fabrics and you need to wash them, ensure that they are washed correctly to prevent permanent stains.

Follow Instructions and Use common Sense

In conclusion, whilst e-cigarettes are on the whole safe to use and store, they must be cared for and treated like any other items; there are always risks involved in using electronic products, but by following guidelines and the instructions enclosed, you’re sure to find products like Vapouriz a great alternative to traditional cigarettes. Doing your research by looking through products and their safety tips can help determine which is the best for you, and with many e-cigarettes now receiving approval there’s no better time to start.