Variable Voltage E Cigs - are they Worth the Extra Money?

Vapour in an electronic cigarette is produced by heating an atomizing device that contains a heater coil. The heat that is combined with the draw by the user causes the atomization of the fluid into the vapour which is inhaled. More vapour is produced when the fluid’s surface area is high and when the coil is hot.

There exists two primary means to increase the vapour: either the amount of fluid should be increased and exposed to vaping temperature or the coil should be heated to a higher temperature. The device needs more power to provide more heat. To hold the energy that is required to heat up the coil to the vaping temperature and increase the area of the fluid, more power is required.

Variable voltage devices can increase the temperature of operation by providing more power. Power demand of an atomizer can also be fuelled to provide a greater vaping surface area. To produce higher amount of tasty vapour, a right combination of the devices must be chosen.

For the users of electronic cigarettes, there is an option of altering the vaping experience, in case they prefer to. When different atomizers, cartomizers, and e-liquids are used, there will be a change in your vaping experience. Excellent rich flavours and throat hits can be delivered by some combinations while others may not be satisfying. E cigarettes now can be tuned for an ideal flavour, throat hit and vapour production as desired by you. Variable voltage e cigs let you change the voltage of the device in line with your choice.

The concept of e cigs was started as a hobby which first grew by having a handful of vendors producing high-end devices. It now seems like every other factory has some sort of a take on these e cigarettes.

Benefit of using variable voltage e cigs

Variable voltage e cigs is the next big thing when it comes to the electronic cigarette industry

Benefit of a variable voltage e cig is that there is a greater amount of vapour produced than that in smaller e cigs. Majority of smokers would want their e cigs to produce more vapours to make them feel that they are smoking traditional cigarettes. A variable voltage e cig does exactly this. Many e cigarettes that are available use cartomizers of 2.5 ohms and batteries of 3.7 volts with a power production of 5.5 watts. Some users of e cigarette tune up their device's performance by using a larger battery. Some people also prefer using low resistance cartomizers and atomizers.

When a battery of 3.7 volts is paired with the attachment of 1.5 ohms, there will be an increase in the production of vapour to more than 9 watts. On the other hand, variable voltage e cigs can achieve a vapour of about 12 watts, with an attachment of 3 ohms and a battery of 6 volts.

Five things to look for in a variable voltage e cigs:

  • Voltage range
  • Granular adjustment
  • Display
  • Consistent power
  • Output of high power

One of the variable voltage e cigs that are known to be the most affordable in the market is lava tube. This is the most high-powered e cig that can be configured to produce vapours ranging from 3 to 6 volts and is perfect for advanced smokers who want to get a full vaping experience.

Author: Brett Vapouriz