Vapouriz Tank Starter Vape Kit Guide

As vapour cigarettes become increasingly popular, more and more people are looking for a way in which to learn more about the devices and the accessories. While the look of an e-cigarette is immediately recognisable on the street, figuring out how to approach the product can be quite intimidating. With so many devices, it should be no surprise to see the growing popularity of e cig starter kits. So when you are looking to purchasing a starter kit for yourself, what should you know?

Take Your Pick of Vapour Cigarettes


Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the electronic cigarette world is the range of products which are on offer. While this might appear intimidating and confusing at the beginning, it offers two distinct advantages. Firstly, it offers a range of prices and options, allowing you to find the right product without spending much money. For those looking for a quick entry into the world of vaporizing, a tank starter kit can be purchased for the price of a few packets of traditional tobacco products and offers a far richer and longer lasting experience. The second advantage of the range of electronic cigarette products is that you can find the perfect product for you. A great example of this is in the starter kits themselves. Rather than being limited to a cheap product, many beginner packs actually offer a range of colours. While it might only be a cosmetic difference, it gives you your first taste of the types of personalisation on offer.

Refilling is the Hardest Part- and That is Easy!

Vapouriz Tank Starter Vape Kit Guide

But what will be included in your starter kit? The basic starter kit will come with everything you need. This includes a battery, a charging cable, a user manual and a carrying case. These pieces of the kit are fairly self-explanatory and will quickly become familiar. What can be more confusing, however, are the clearomizer and the e liquid. The clearomizer is the part which one might typically refer to as the e cigarette itself. This is the long wick with an attached tank and it provides the mechanism which powers the device. While it may look intimidating, it is incredibly simple for even first time users. The e liquid is an alternative to the older cartridge based solutions and allows you to refill your device at a far lower cost. It also allows you to change the flavour: you can opt for various brands and strains of tobacco, hundreds of alternative flavours, or you can even mix your own.

For some the world of electronic smoking devices is incredibly interesting but remains difficult to comprehend. This is why the starter kit is perfect. It delivers everything you need to get a taste for vaping and provides a great platform to begin exploring the huge range of options which exist for the curious smoker.