Understanding e-cigarettes: choosing between standard and variable voltage batteries

Find out everything you need to know about powering your vape mod and choosing between standard and variable voltage e-cig batteries on the Vapouriz blog.

The battery is one of the most important elements of your e-cig setup — it's what gives power to your device so it can turn e-liquid into vapour.

As vaping becomes more mainstream, users are getting to grips with their kit and the different elements of the classic e-cig setup.

Today we're diving into the battery and how it impacts the vape experience.

Automatic vs Manual batteries

Most beginners start with a standard automatic battery on their e-cigs and vape pens for the simple reason of convenience.

E-cigs that most resemble traditional tobacco cigarettes in shape have automatic batteries in order to maintain the sleekest, simplest design. In an automatic setup, a sensor detects the rush of air when you inhale and activates the battery. It's easy to use and tends to require a shorter charging time than a manual battery.

In contrast, manual batteries work by pressing a button to activate them and heat the atomiser. These batteries tend to carry a longer life than automatic batteries because they are only activated when used, and often also offer more power, in turn giving better vapour and throat hit in the process.

Variable voltage

Variable voltage batteries are ideal for users who want even more control to customise the experience. These batteries allow you to increase or decrease the battery's voltage by either twisting the end of the battery or by pressing a button on your box mod.

The advantage here is you can find the perfect voltage to suit your atomiser or the e-liquid you're using based on how much vapour and throat hit you're after. As you increase the amount of power to your atomiser you can produce a stronger vapour, flavour and throat hit in the process.

While the process itself isn't complicated, this tends to be reserved for more advanced users. Increasing your power can also mean you wear out your atomiser quicker and if you don't know what you're doing can also result in a dry hit rather than a hit of vapour.

Maximising battery life

Most e-cig batteries are lithium ion batteries and will come with overcharge protection to keep them from exploding. When you first use a battery, let it charge fully to condition the battery. If you know you don’t intend to use it for some time try to ensure it's at least 40% charged so it retains enough power even if there's some discharge over time.

Keep your battery off when it's not in use and if you are changing between batteries, use a case to protect it from dust and dirt when it's in your pocket or bag.