Top 10 Leading Models of Variable Voltage Ecigs

Thursday 20th December, 2012 | Vaping Guides

There have been many electronic cigarettes in the market of which variable voltage versions are the most popular. With every new launch, companies make improvements to the older versions. Here are the top models of variable voltage electronic cigarette that are most sought after by users.

ProVari Variable Voltage V2 E-cigarette

ProVari V2 is a microprocessor-controlled electronic cigarette with variable voltage feature that allows adjustment of voltage settings. In steps of 0.1 volts, this electronic cigarette can be adjusted between 2.9 and 6 volts. It allows a constant voltage regardless of the battery power in the electronic cigarette.

Lambo 4.0 Variable Voltage E-cigarette

Lambo or MVari works with Joye-Ego atomizers without any necessity for an adapter. The voltage can be adjusted in steps of 0.1 volts between 3 and 6 volts. The model has a feature that displays the resistance of the cartomizer or atomizer and also comes with a battery voltage meter to monitor battery power.

iTaste VV

iTaste VV is an exceptionally designed electronic cigarette from Innokin that has intuitive technology. It has the ability to detect and display the resistance of the cartomizer. It also calculates and displays a required voltage range to assist the user in adjusting the voltage. The voltage range can be adjusted between 3.3 and 5 volts.

Variable Voltage Gripper

The Gripper from Smoktech is different from all other tube-shaped electronic cigarettes. It has a box-shaped design that provides a fresh option for users. It is quite inexpensive and comes with a good display. It is visually quite appealing and comfortable to use.

Variable Voltage Box Mod

A product from MadVapes, the Box Mod has an LED display feature in addition to its regular electronic cigarette features. At higher voltages, the Box Mod can work with two heating coils. It has a strong design and appeals to users who look for an inexpensive but good quality electronic cigarette.

Smoktech VMAX

The VMAX variable voltage electronic cigarette from Smoktech comes with dual batteries and has a good performance. The outer body is made of stainless steel and it has a very classy appeal.

Lavatube Variable Voltage

The Lavatube from Volcano is a mid-range device that has an attractive price and good features. It has a trendy look and comes with a display screen for voltage readings. It can be switched on or off with a single button.

Vamo Variable Voltage

The eGo APV, also known as Vamo, has many battery configurations and performs very well. It has variable wattage and voltage features. It has a LED display for voltage reading. At high voltages, the device can activate dual coils for performance.

400 mAh Vision Spinner

An eGO style variable voltage e-cig, the 400 mAh Vision Spinner, can read the current voltage settings and display it on the LED screen. It has a stable performance with single coil cartomizers that work even under higher voltages.

eGo-C Twist Variable Voltage

Joyetech’s first launch – the eGo-C Twist – is one of the oldest variable voltage electronic cigarettes in the market. Users can adjust the voltage settings of the device with a dial. The voltage can be adjusted between 3 to 4.8 volts.

Author: Brett Vapouriz