The Secrets to Successful New Year’s Resolutions!

Thinking about quitting nicotine? The beginning of the new year is a great time to switch to e-cigs. Find out the untold secrets to sticking to your new year’s resolutions and revel in success with this easy to follow guide!

Plan Your Journey

Completely quitting smoking in one fell swoop isn’t the right strategy for every smoker attempting to switch to vaping and can often lead to a quick return to traditional cigarettes.

Planning a ‘quitting strategy’ by writing down a timeline could be a more effective way to quit tobacco. Gradually cutting down on the amount of daily or weekly cigarettes whilst increasing e-cig usage will make the whole process feel like a breeze instead of the ordeal you could face by suddenly quitting completely.

Creating milestones that you can tick-off along the way will help you track your success which in-turn will bring a sense of achievement to your journey!

Ask Yourself Why You Might Fail

Identify the factors that are most likely to contribute to failure and plan ways to combat those factors before you start.

This could include removing temptations to start smoking again. Hiding any remaining packs of cigarettes or asking someone to hide them for you, leaving out the required amount according to your ‘quitting strategy is one effective way to achieve this. You could even benefit from avoiding other smokers, so consider finding alternative places to puff on your e-cig instead of doing it in your usual smoking spots. If you vape in your old smoking spot you could face the temptation to ask another for a cigarette or even face negativity from smokers who aren’t clued up on the benefits of vaping over smoking.

Choose Your Influencers

The phrase ‘don’t believe everything you read’ ought to be printed as a disclaimer on the front pages of tabloid newspapers because among many other topical issues, vaping facts are often misreported in the media.

Whether they’re misreporting on ‘exploding e-cigs’ which actually turn out to be loose batteries that were not being transported in a safe or responsible manner, or highlighting figures from studies which are often reported out of context, distorting the findings of the study to tarnish the reputation of the vaping industry and its offerings; the papers are the worst source for knowledge and opinions on e-cigs.

So where should you gather your information? The vaping community is both welcoming and inclusive and there are countless online forums on which vapers share information, news, and support! We enjoy being part of the friendly communities on Planet of the Vapes and UK Vapers.

It’s also worth remembering that the UK government’s own Department of Health, aka Pubic Health England, seem to be quite the advocates of e-cigarette use as a smoking cessation method. They even released a joint statement signed by 13 major UK public health organizations including Cancer Research UK, British Lung Foundation and Action on Health & Smoking (ASH) calling for a more positive attitude towards vaping within the UK public health sector and declaring e-cigs as the most popular and effective smoking cessation method.

Share Your Experiences

The Facebook newsfeed may be the go-to place for reading posts written by people rejoicing in their own accomplishments, but if you genuinely have something great to share, others will respond with praise and encouragement. In fact, posting about a genuine triumph such as making steps towards quitting smoking is more likely to earn you online praise than another vacuous status update about your gym activity. Snore!

Receiving acknowledgment of your achievements from others, even if it’s just in the form of some estranged school friend hitting ‘like’ on your Facebook post, will boost your motivation and help you recognize how far you’ve come. Others who have made the same journey will share their experiences with you which will no doubt motivate your even further.


One of the biggest appeals to using e-cigarettes is the vast selection of products available on the market. From simple, straightforward e-cigs to sub-ohm kits that product bigger, juicier clouds, to the huge range of e-liquid flavours and strengths available, you can really shape your vaping experience around your own individual requirements, finding a kit and liquid that suits your tastes.

So don’t be afraid to try different things. Many vape shops will allow you to sample e-liquids and occasionally kits in-store as you progress on to more advanced hardware from your e-cig started kit. It’s also very much worth considering this if you find that you aren’t enjoying your first experience as a vaper. Speak to the retailer that you purchased your kit from, or even better, speak to them about your requirements before you buy your first kit, and they can recommend the best e-cig and liquid combination for your requirements. A decent e-cig retailer will be able to recommend the right vaping products for you based on how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

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