Stop Smoking This February

Tuesday 2nd February, 2016 | Vaping Guides

January 2016 has been and gone and if you’re anything like us, you would have set some New Year Resolutions in the hope of being a ‘better’ version of yourself. About two thirds of people want to quit smoking but in general, only 4-7% of people are ‘able to quit smoking on any given attempt without medicines or other help’ (

Why not think of February as your new January, and swap your cigarettes for a vape kit. All we ask is that you give it a month and see how you feel. For those looking to stop the habit, we suggest a FUSE Vape Kit and some UK Made E-Liquid. Our top E-Liquid flavours are Classic Tobacco, Menthol Special Blend, Black Cherry and Strawberry Bliss. Simply select a nicotine strength to suit you (we have nicotine free options available), stock up on clearomizers (the bit where the E-Liquid goes) as well replacement heads.

The saying: ‘Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail’ is very true when swapping tobacco for vape kits. So here is Vapouriz’s ‘Top 5’ tips on making your January resolution fail into a February solution!

Stop Smoking This February

1. Always have enough e-liquid

It might sound a bit obvious we know, but something as simple as using your vape kit without having enough e-liquid will probably deter you from using your kit. Our bet is the horrible ‘dry burn’ taste. It’s nasty; just don’t do it.

Stop Smoking This February

2. Treat your vape kit with care

Drop a pack of cigarettes on the floor and stamp on them, our guess is that you won’t be smoking these any time soon. The same applies to you electronic cigarette. Believe us, we have dropped e-cig’s on the floor and rolled over them with a wheelie chair to know the pain when you hear that almighty ‘crack’. Keep it upright and in a safe place as much as possible.

3. Have enough vaping supplies

Once you get your head around vaping you’ll soon find out about this pain, similar to the sinking feeling when you have 20 cigarettes and no lighter, matches or lighting implement of any kind. Always have a supply of e-liquid handy, a charger and a spare coil or atomizer.

Stop Smoking This February

4. Maintenance

Clean the connection between your battery and clearomizer regularly for a good connection and in turn a really good vape. Simple.

5. Gradually cut down your nicotine strength

The word 'gradually' is the key here. Vapouriz offers a wide range of nicotine strengths, whether you’re into classic vaping or prefer sub-ohming. Remember, everyone cuts down at different rates; there isn’t a price for who finishes first; your all working towards the same goal.

Stop Smoking This February

If you're strugglingt to keep motivated, why not join our awesome vaping community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? There's loads of people out there who have had their lives transformed by vaping. So what are you waiting for? Make this February a success with Vapouriz Electronic Cigarettes.