Nicotine in E-cig Guide: Which Shall I Use?

Friday 15th November, 2013 | Vaping Guides

The switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-liquid cigarettes can be confusing. With so many products available in such a wide range of strengths, finding the right e-cigarette for you is enough to have you reaching for your old packet of cigarettes.

Choosing the right e-cigarette is an important step towards becoming an ex-smoker and the aim is to match your new cartomizer or e-liquid with your current nicotine intake.

Making the right selection for you means a more enjoyable transition from traditional cigarettes.

What strength of cartomizer do I need?

Most e-cigarettes come in different strengths from very strong all the way down to zero milligrams of nicotine. It is important to look at the nicotine content and make your choice in relation to the amount and type of cigarettes you smoke each day.

Getting it right is a combination of personal preference and tailoring your e-cigarette to the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day.

The ‘throat hit’ is the level of harshness you experience when 'pulling' or 'drawing' on an cartomizer or vapourizer. Too much and the hit may be too intense and can cause light-headedness. You may not like the taste and may be put off using e-cigs when all is needed is a change to a lower strength cartomizer or 'juice'.

Too little will leave the user unsatisfied and often leads to a return to smoking or an excessive use of the e-cigarette or vaporizer. Getting the balance just right means a swift and painless switch to e-cigs.

Like regular cigarettes e-liquid nicotine comes in a variety of refill strengths to suit the individuals nicotine intake. A light smoker should have no problems switching to a low nicotine content e-cigarette whilst someone smoking forty a day would of course need to be satisfied by an e-cigarette at the top of the high nicotine content end of the range such as the Extra High.

The Vapouriz Guide to Choosing E Liquid & Cartomizer Nicotine Strength

Extra High 24mg (2.4%) - For smokers of strong cigarettes

High 18mg (1.8%) - For regular smokers Medium 6mg (0.6%) - For light smokers No Nicotine 0mg 0.0% - Freedom from nicotine

Using our tiered nicotine selection can help you to gradually reduce your nicotine intake over a period of time that suits your personal needs and our nicotine free range allows you to maintain the ‘habit’ of smoking without nicotine.