New Years Resolution: Guide to Quitting Smoking

Tuesday 7th January, 2014 | Vaping Guides

Which Type of E Cig Is Best To Help Me Quit Tobacco?

So, you've resolved to quit cigarettes for the New Year. Congratulations! While some may go cold turkey, many who decide to give up smoking tobacco will still need to get that nicotine hit to help them to give up for good...and e cigarettes are proving a popular way to get that fix without the added chemicals and health repercussions associated with tobacoo products.

As well as providing a nicotine hit, e cigarettes will also provide you with the sensation of smoking that is often hard to give up. To vaping newbies, it can seem like quite a confusing world, with so many different e cigarette types and flavours that it can be hard to know what to go for.

So Many Options Available!

There are a number of different ways in which you can enjoy vaping, each more suitable for some smokers than for others. The type of system that you opt for will depend on how you want to smoke and how you want the system to look. Let us help you through this minefiled of options and sum it up simply and quickly so you can get on with the important task of quitting cigarettes!

Gemini Starter Kits & Cartomizers: For New Users / Users On A Budget

  • Ideal for new users
  • Cheapest option for those who are unsure about e-cigs
  • A great product for "trial quitting"
  • Incredibly easy to use and set up
  • No mess or complicated parts
  • Compact design - not much larger than traditonal tobacco cigarettes
  • Wide range of flavours & strengths available

Atomizers & Tanks: For Intermediate / Pro Users

  • Ideal for heavy ex-tobacco smokers
  • Fully customizable
  • Parts can be cross compatible allowing for upgrades.
  • 'E Juice' or e-liquid is very inexpensive
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheapest option to maintain after inital outlay for the tank system
  • Huge support community
  • Fantastic range of styles / colours / options
  • Every part can be replaced & ugraded including variable volatge batteries and larger tanks
  • Ideal to gradually stamp out your nicotine consumption
  • Does not resemble traditonal cigarettes
  • Recharge & refill are easy
  • Massive range of flavours & strengths or eliquids available
  • E liquids or 'juices' can be combined by user to create new flavours

All e cigarette systems offer refills in a range of sizes, strengths and flavours, and can vary greatly in price. Be sure to choose the system that will best suit your smoking needs, to make it as easy as possible for you to give up. You may find that to break the habit you will wish to go with fruit flavours, perhaps an atomizer or tank that is much larger than a cigarette to help remove the association.

Good luck!