Mods go mainstream

Once reserved for experts and hobbyists, as vaping has evolved, so has the demand for more sophisticated vape mods.

It’s not hard to see why box mods have gone mainstream; modified vape pens can boost performance, making it possible to go longer between battery charges and get maximum vapour and throat hit in every pull.

As people have turned to vaping as a replacement for smoking altogether, they’ve also sought out more sophisticated set ups – today there are a huge range of different box mods to choose from that outpace traditional e-cigarettes in every way.

If you’re new to the scene and thinking about a box mod setup for yourself, here’s everything you need to know.

What are box mods

As e-cigarettes first came to market they were designed to closely resemble traditional cigarettes in size and shape. And while the small size was convenient, as more people made the switch their poor battery life and inconsistent power meant users began seeking more reliable and powerful alternatives.

In the early days there was nothing commercially available to solve common complaints, so hobbyists began making their own modifications, eventually prompting manufacturers to follow suit.

Box mods are distinctive thanks to their shape; the large box at the bottom of the pen looks nothing like a cigarette or cigar, but in exchange users get plenty of benefits worth the added size.

A larger box mod can hold desirable features like better or multiple batteries, digital displays, meters fuses and high wattage power regulators and temperature controls.

Narrowing your options

Box mods are typically an upgrade that people build towards over time. Box mods are best for experienced users who know exactly what they’re looking for - for example better battery life, stronger flavour or bigger clouds.

  • Battery – Box mods were originally developed to address the issue of battery life, and are still a key reason people seek out this style. The larger box allows for internal batteries as well as rechargeable high drain batteries in single, double or even triple setups. In general, the larger the battery, the larger the box mod will be, but the advantage of this is they need to be charged less frequently and can stand up to long days and continuous use.
  • Variable wattage/variable voltage – The ability to adjust the VV/VW output offers the flexibility to change between a variety of atomisers with different resistance, coil types and wire sizes. You can control and change the amount of heat generated by coils with a few clicks of a button, adjusting the flavour or burn of the e-liquid and length of pull.
  • Temperature control – Temperature control is another new and advanced feature made available through box mods. This handy feature helps prevent unpleasant dry hits by limiting the power to prevent the coil from heating past the specified threshold.

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