Guide to Servicing and Maintaining your Vapourizer & E-cigarette

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the components of your e-cigarette will help prolong its life, and make the vapour taste better. Some users replace parts when regular maintenance would have allowed the reuse of these parts. For cleaning and maintenance, the device will need to be disassembled.

How A 'Vape' Works:

The atomiser receives e-liquid through the wick, and using a small heating element, vaporises the e-liquid and allows it to be inhaled. The wicks are usually made of silica. The atomiser needs to be drained every 3-5 days when the cartridge is removed. All you need to do is substitute the cartridge for a piece of rolled tissue. At the end of the atomiser where it would contact the battery will be a small hole. Blowing through it will force out any excess e-liquid that may have collected there onto the tissue, which you can then remove.

When to Replace an E-Cig Cartomizer:

The cartridge or cartomizer or of an electronic cigarette such as the Gemini needs to be replaced every 3-5 (On average) days. The Clearomizer in the Vapourizers can be rinsed with alcohol or hot water then thoroughly dried and reused. When refilling the atomizer, put a few drops of e-liquid (Often referred to as 'Juice') into your tank until it is moist but do not flood it - a convenient gauge should be there to guide the maximum level to fill to.

The exact combination of atomiser and cartridge design varies between brands, but this e-liquid delivery system is sometimes known as a cartomizer or a clearomizer.

How to Service When To Change The Vape Battery:

The battery also needs to work effectively and be recharged. Though airtight, be careful if excess liquid finds its way from the atomiser onto the battery then this liquid will need to be cleaned off. It is a good idea to do this every 3-5 days. This can be performed gently using a cotton bud. Excess liquid in the battery can cause the battery to stop working. The battery itself is generally activated when the user inhales, triggered by the air flow inhaling creates. Some models require a small button to be pushed and held down while inhaling. If you're finding after a few months of use that the battery life is diminished or the throat hit is becoming weak then it will be time to replace the battery. Different sizes and voltages of battery are available and variable voltage batteries which are great for improving the 'burn' and 'throat hit' for the advanced vape user!

Buy Good Quality E Liquid

It is also important that you use a good quality e-liquid and that it is stored correctly until needed. The liquid contains the nicotine, along with propylene glycol, glycerine and sometimes, flavourings. Storage of the e-liquid is important whether from a bottle or pre-soaked into a disposable cartridge. Storage needs to be somewhere cool and dark and away from direct sunlight.

If You Need Replacement Vape Parts:

Replacement parts are all available and not expensive. You should experiment with different flavours and nicotine strengths of the e-liquid. (Great for weaning away from nicotine entirely) You can also consider upgrading as some of the e-cigarettes available are more sophisticated than others. Our E-Fire Tank is the premium Vape with variable voltage for the discerning vaper!