Guide to Maintaining your E-cigarette

1. Always have enough e-liquid in your clearomizer

It’s essential to have your clearomizer topped up with eliquid to avoid dry burning. Using your Vapouriz e-cig when its low on liquid can also damage your clearomizer and it will need to be replaced more often.

2. Charging battery correctly

If you've been using e-cigs for a while, you've probably noticed that you receive more vapour when your battery is fully charged. To avoid being caught out, it is always good to have a spare battery with you. When charging, only use the correct charger supplied, and if you need to use a wall adapter, only use a Vapouriz wall adapter. Try to only charge your battery when it’s empty to prolong its lifespan.

3. Clean the connection between the battery and clearomizer

Wipe the top of your battery connection to remove any debris and keep it clean. This ensures that the battery can provide a solid connection to your clearomizer to power a satisfying vape. We find that this is best done with a cotton bud, but a tissue does do the job.

4. Lock the battery when not in use

All Vapouriz batteries have a locking function which should be enabled when you are not using your e-cig. This avoids the clearomizer being activated when it’s not being used and will prolong its life.

5. Keep your e-cig upright

Keeping your unit upright means that the atomizer inside the clearomizer is constantly saturated with e-liquid. This improves your vaping experience, and also means it’s less likely to leak. And let’s be honest, no-one likes a leaky e-cig.

6. Change your clearomizer regularly

Clearomizers should last about 1-3weeks depending on your use. In most models you can change the coil or head inside to save money. Although you can replace the coils or heads inside, we do recommend that you change your clearomizer every few months to keep your unit in tip top shape!

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