Guide to E-cig Batteries & Available Models

The quality of an electronic cigarette is determined to a large extent by the type of battery used in it. Listed below are some of the electronic cigarette batteries that you can choose from.

High resistance batteries

High resistance batteries or high voltage batteries are the most popular among e cigarette batteries. These batteries use more power and as a result, the vapour output and heat level increases to a large extent. The batteries also last for a long period of time. At an average, a high resistance e cig battery can last for up to 8 hours and in some cases, it can last for even a couple of days. The flavour of the e cigarette is also better when one uses high resistance batteries. An electronic cigarette manufactured by Vapouriz usually uses high resistance batteries.

Low resistance batteries

Low resistance batteries or low voltage batteries follow the same working principle as that of high resistance batteries. These batteries are capable of delivering the same flavour and misting properties as high voltage batteries. But, these batteries do not last long and one will have to recharge them quite frequently. The average life span of a low resistance battery will range from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Protected batteries

Protected electronic cigarette batteries come along with a small in-built circuit that protects them from a number of problems. At times, a user may charge a battery even when there is some residual charge in it. This hampers the memory function of the battery and as a result, the performance of the battery is largely affected. This will in turn lead to the user overcharging the battery and as a result, the battery life gets reduced in a significant manner. This situation can be averted if one uses protected batteries in their e cigarettes. E cigarettes manufactured by Vapouriz have batteries with in-built circuits. This prevents overheating of the battery, which can occur due to continuous usage of the e cigar for a long period of time.

Unprotected batteries

Unprotected batteries differ from protected batteries in the fact that they do not have any in-built circuit board. By using such battery, you can customize the e cigarette according to your needs and preferences. The battery can be combined or stacked in any manner to get more mist and heat, according to your needs.

Author: Brett Vapouriz