Guide to Cleaning and Servicing Your Refillable Clearomizer

Successfully owning and operating an Electronic Cigarette device can often be reliant on cleaning. In order to keep the taste as fresh as possible and to keep the device functioning to the best of its ability, cleaning and servicing your particular model can be essential. But with such a big selection of E Cigarettes, how should you approach cleaning yours?

Cleaning a non-rebuildable clearomizer

Guide to Cleaning and Servicing Your Refillable Clearomizer

A non-rebuildable clearomizer is typically the cheapest model and because of this, cleaning can be more difficult.

The first step is to detach the mouthpiece and ensure that any liquid is emptied. Rinse the empty tank several times under very warm running water.

While this is the main method of cleaning, in order to remove all residuals from the tank, users can leave the device to soak in a cup of warm water, mixed with denture cleaning tablets. After half an hour, remove the device and rinse thoroughly, leaving it to drain and dry before use.

Cleaning the rebuildable clearomizer


Rebuildable clearomizers are far easier to clean. The first step is to make sure the tank is emptied of its contents. After this, the knurled ring around the base of the device should be removed using a simple unscrewing motion, be careful not to grip any pieces too tightly, for fear of distorting the components.

When all of the individual parts are separated, place them in a bowl of hot water. After soaking for several minutes, take the pieces and dry them thoroughly. Each piece can be dried carefully using paper towels rolled into a point.

When reassembling the device, take care to ensure that all of the pieces slot back together correctly, and that the wicks are not caught at any point.

Cleaning a Rebuildable Tank-Style Clearomizer

The cleaning for a tank-style clearomizer is much the same as above, thanks to its rebuildable nature. Ensuring that care is taken when disassembling the product is key. Users should be even more careful when assembling/disassembling the device as the plastic tank might be more prone to distortion.

Cleaning a Cartomizer

*Note: We recommend replacing the cartomizer units and cannot be held responsible for any faults or problems caused by the process below:

The final item, the cartomizer is probably the not the easiest E Cigarette to clean, unless you own a full cleaning kit. The kits should come with an attachable syringe and plunger, which makes cleaning far simpler.

The first step should be the remove the cartomizer from the empty tank, taking hold of the connector and pulling it through. Attach the plunger onto the connector of the cartomizer and attach the other end to the syringe. Place the cartomizer into a bowl of hot water and steadily draw back the mechanism of the syringe in order to pull water through the device. Then, push the mechanism down and push the water back out. Repeat this several times until the expelled water becomes clear. Carefully dry all of the pieces and reassemble the device, leaving the mouthpiece to one side until completely dry is advisable.

At Vapouriz we do not condone cleaning orrefilling the cartomizer units BUT if you do: please find a quality online guide and ensure precautions are taken especially when refilling and recharging the unit.

Whilst these methods will get your devices cleaned, we are always interested in how users are cleaning their vapes.

Please comment below and tell us how you maintain your Vapouriz products!