Focus on: Innokin JEM

Innokin is one of the most respected names in vaping today, so when the brand releases a new bit of kit people tend to take notice.

The JEM is the latest mod to turn heads, and if you’re looking for a new setup this is one well worth a closer look.

One for MTL vapers

In recent years much of the focus has been on sub-ohm vaping within the e-cigarette community.

Box mods with plenty of customisation options to help create the perfect conditions for big, thick, cloud tend to take centre stage, meaning if you’re for a more traditional e-cig, you can feel a little left behind.

Innokin’s JEM is a refreshing change of pace, and this sleek e-cig kit offers plenty of power while still keeping things simple.

The first thing to note is the JEM keeps the simple pen-style shape. It’s compact, lightweight and comes with minimal faffing. This device isn’t packed with dozens of features and output modes – instead it’s a practical and reliable set up that does one or two things really well.

Safety and performance are the two key considerations, and what the company has achieved with the JEM is providing a perfect kit that you can get to grips with quickly and trust will work every time you pick it up.

The large 1000mah battery means you can go hours between charges, and features like adjustable wattage mean you can get enjoy your vape exactly how you like it, whether you like a lot of throat hit or prefer just a little.

With lower wattage you can achieve a more mellow vape (and extend your time between charges). Ramping it up to a higher wattage will help maximise flavour and nicotine hit and really get the most of your e-liquid.

Inside the box

A 1.6 ohm coil comes pre-installed with your JEM pen, meaning you can pretty much fill up the tank and go. It also comes with a USB cable to make for convenient charging – you don’t need to worry about extra batteries, and can charge from just about anywhere.

The tank has a 2ml capacity and is made from durable Pyrex glass. The tank base also has an adjustable airflow valve, making it easy to tweak your airflow settings to match your wattage output for the optimum vape.

This kit is simple enough for beginners, but also impressive enough to satisfy more experienced vapers who just want a simple setup and aren’t particularly interested in customisation settings.

More about Innokin

Founded in 2011, Innokin quickly became one of the most respected innovators on the market. The company’s aim is simple; produce well-designed hardware that’s best in show for quality.

In just seven years the brand has amassed an impressive range of products and patents – they hold 71 for design, 61 processing patents and a further 40 patents for utility models. Alongside this are strict quality standards. The company holds ISO9001, ISO14000, GMP, CE, ROHS, and FCC certifications.

The JEM is further proof that the company is working at the top of its game – find this and everything else to vape in style at Vapouriz.