Electronic Cigarette Safety – Do's and Don'ts

If you have recently switched from traditional tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it's advisable that you familiarize yourself with the basic requirements to maintain an electronic cigarette. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes need to cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. If you don't maintain your e-cigarette appropriately, it will stop functioning properly. It's essential that you concentrate on the electronic cigarette safety aspects so as to maintain it well.

Things to remember

The most basic step in maintaining an electronic cigarette is cleaning. You need to clean each and every part of your electronic cigarette on a regular basis, namely the atomizer, the battery, and the liquid build-up in the cartridge. To clean the electronic cigarette, you need a soft, clean piece of linen. Before cleaning the e-cigarette, make sure that you don't dip the cloth in water or any other cleaning liquid. Additionally, make sure that the cloth doesn't leave any remains in the electronic cigarette.

While cleaning the electronic cigarette, there are three areas that you need to concentrate on; these are the cartridge, atomizer, and the battery. The portion between the cartridge and the atomizer has the maximum amount of dirt collected in it, as the liquid build-up is present here. So clean this area thoroughly. After you clean this region, you can clean the battery using a fresh piece of cloth or by gently blowing on it.

To clean the atomizer of the electronic cigarette, dismantle the electronic cigarette. Keep all the parts of the electronic cigarette on a fresh piece of cloth. This process will give the atomizer enough time to drain and the remains of the e-liquid will be released by it.

What you should avoid

While using an electronic cigarette, make sure that you use an appropriate amount of e-liquid in it. This is because an excess or a little amount of e-liquid can hamper the performance of your electronic cigarette. If by mistake you insert too much e-liquid in your electronic cigarette, your atomizer will get drowned in it. On the other hand, if you insert very little e-liquid in the electronic cigarette, the atomizer will heat up faster and will produce very little vapour as well.

Furthermore, you need to change your atomizer at frequent intervals. If your atomizer does not heat up quickly or if it is not glowing, then you should consider changing it. In most cases, an atomizer will work efficiently for a span of one or two months. If you use your electronic cigarette just once a day, your atomizer may last for a span of four months as well.

Author: Brett Vapouriz