E-liquid flavours for cold weather

Spring still feels far off and whether you live for the cold weather or are counting down the days until the warm sun returns, we’ve got the e-liquid flavours to get you through the end of the winter season.

From childhood classics to creative spins on popular flavours like mint and menthol, we’ve rounded up a few of the best flavours for this time of year.

And for anyone who hates winter – we’ve picked a few delicious and vibrant flavours that will make you feel there’s sand beneath your feet rather than snow.

Candy cane - Bottle up the taste of winter with this delicious e-liquid that harks back to a classic childhood treat. You get a hit of fresh peppermint blended with the sweet taste of strawberry candy. Pocket Fuel e-liquids are all Max VG formulas, ideal for sub-ohm vapers who love to keep things sweet.

Black Ice – Pure Evil’s delicious e-liquid gives a whole new meaning to the term black ice. This delicious flavour was originally released as a special edition flavour but was so popular with vapers that it’s now part of Pure Evil’s permanent line up. You get the frozen taste of menthol mixed with blackcurrant and aniseed – it’s got plenty of big and bold flavour to keep you going all winter long.

Menthol Special Blend – There’s a reason people love menthol rub when they’re sick with whatever winter bug is going around. It’s like a breath of deep, cold air. Menthol Special Blend bottles the cool, crisp feeling of menthol to help you appreciate the cold without actually having to feel it.

Tobacco Coffee – A hot cup of coffee is the perfect antidote to a cold day. This delicious Tobacco Coffee e-liquids from The Coffee House is rich, aromatic and warming – perfect for when you want a little pick me up throughout the day.

Gluttony– Pure Evil’s Gluttony brings the warming flavour of vanilla to the table for a vape that’s sweet, comforting and delicious. You get creamy and indulgent vanilla with just a hint of custard for extra sweetness and plenty of fragrant cloud.

Ice mint – Take the fresh taste of mint and put it on ice with this delicious e-liquid. It’s cool, clean and crisp – perfect for a refreshing vape. There’s great throat hit and plenty of bite to make for a delicious all-day vape.

Sun Drip – If the cold weather has you dreaming of warmer days, heat things up a little with Double Drip’s Sun Drip Coil Sauce. It’s the tangy taste of fresh pink grapefruit, perfectly paired with juicy tangerine and sweet apricot. It’s bright and vibrant – the exact opposite of the weather outside.

Twisted Ice Cream – Double Drip’s Twisted Ice Cream is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone who hates the winter weather. Enjoy the tropical taste of ice cream with this sweet and creamy blend. You get a twist of strawberry, lime and vanilla with just a hint of citrus aftertaste.