E-cigarette Components Guide

Electronic cigarettes are a revolution that will save your lungs and your money. But even though the components will long outlast a traditional packet of cigarettes, occasionally you’ll need to buy some e-cig replacement parts. Here is a brief introduction to the parts of the E-cig.

Clearomizers, Atomizers and Replacement Heads

If you have the Vapouriz tank or an ego-type battery you will want to invest in a Vapouriz CE4 Clearomizer about once a month, as the heads are considered consumable items. This cartomizer and atomizer combination holds about 1.6ml of liquid and can last for up to three weeks. It's easy to maintain and refill and the customers love them. They're cheap too!

Alternatively we have dual coil atomisers that work with a variety of standard batteries and give an even stronger flavour hit. Or you can opt for the latest Boge 510 Clearomizer, which holds twice as much liquid as disposable cartons and work with a variety of E-cigs but are especially amazing when paired with a Gemini!

Batteries and Chargers

As for the batteries; well, they all wear down eventually and when you feel you're not getting the full day out of your E-Cig, or a full hit when you want it, it's time to put in an order for a new battery! We offer a range of choices, from simple Gemini rechargeable batteries that are compatible with a number of brands through to the vison Spinner Variable Voltage Battery with twist control that can give you a more powerful vape or better battery life, Some batteries come with a stylish anodised finish and the Vision Rainbow Spinner will dazzle your friends with its flip colour scheme that responds to the light. You can nbot only tailor the tanks battery life to fit in with your lifestyle but the look to fit in with you personal style!

Accessories for the Tank

Though the world of electronic cigarettes is a brave new frontier, you can be sure there will be a whole raft of accessories for this alternative to traditional cigarettes. Now we offer Drip Caps, to prevent any unfortunate liquid spills, as well as a stylish, & more rigid case that contains an integral charger and makes sure you’re ready to vape wherever you may be.

There will be lots more accessories coming soon, so keep checking back for a growing list of ways to smarten up, charge and service your E-Cig. It is set to save your lungs, and it will save you money, so you owe it to yourself to