E-cigarette Accessories Guide

One of the key advantages of e-cigarettes is that they can be as simple or as complicated as you wish them to be. For those who spend a little more time learning about the potential and the differences on offer across the range of vaping devices, it is not uncommon for people to start adding accessories and changing around their equipment to suit their needs. Vaporuiz offer a complete range of UK built accessories for your e-cigarettes, but just what do all of these accessories accomplish?

Batteries, Chargers and Storage

E-cigarette Accessories Guide

USB car charger

Perfect for getting that little bit of extra juice when you’re on the road all day, this is a charger for your device which will connect to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Spare battery

For those who know they will be away from a charging socket for a long period of time, the e cig spare battery range comes in a variety of sizes and simply changes over to power up your device when you need it most.

E Cigarette case

A carrying case to hold together all of your essential devices and paraphernalia.

USB chargers

Making sure that your device is always powered up, these cables can either plug into a wall socket or the ports on a computer to give you a little extra energy.


Make carrying your device simple by attaching it to aspecilised vape lanyard. Then simply hang around your neck or loop through your belt and never have to worry about searching again. It also ensure that the vape is kept upright as recommended!

Clearomizers and Atomizer Accessories:

E-cigarette Accessories Guide

Replacement heads

Replacement heads are ideal for those heavy users. After time and a great deal of use, individual pieces can become worn and old. Replacing these parts as you go along means that you retain the same full flavour each and every time. Because Vapouriz products are easy to maintain, these are incredibly simple to fit.

Drip tips

Drip tips add a little flavour boost to your smoke which you can then simply dispose of. They screw into the top of the device and come in round and flat styles.

Dual coil clearomizer

For those who are looking for a little extra oomph to their smoking experience, a dual coil can be the perfect solution. The coil is the wick inside the clearomizer, adding a dual version can really make the most out of your e-juice.

Nano clearomizer

For those who are used to a smaller e-cigarette device but still wish to try out the flavour and options on offer to those with a clearomizer, this is the ideal solution. Offering a more compact housing, you still get the full flavour hit without the added bulk.