Clearomizers and Vapourizers - The Ultimate Guide

A Guide For Beginners and Regular Vapers!

Electronic cigarettes are a great way to improve your health while still enjoying the sensation and effect of smoking. E-cigarettes use a vapourizer which is a device used to vaporize rather than burn the active ingredients of tobacco in an atomizer, avoiding the inhalation of many irritating toxic and carcinogenic by-products. Instead, the user or vaper can inhale the vapourized liquid and then exhale it as water vapour.

The e-cigarette industry is changing all the time with new technology constantly becoming available. Refillable electronic cigarettes generally use a tank system with a cartomizer or refill cartridge for the e-juice, as well as a battery and USB charger.

What is a Clearomizer?

A clearomizer is a clear, refillable container for the e-liquid. Although it does the same job as a cartomizer, a clearomizer doesn't have the same absorbent filler material that holds the e-liquid before it is transferred to the built-in atomizer. Instead, a clearomizer uses a see-through reservoir to hold the liquid which is transferred directly to wicks that run through the heating coils.

The first clearomizers on the market were difficult to fill and really needed a syringe to perform the task properly. There were also issues with the tubes cracking.

The next-generation of design, however, solved these issues and concentrated on making the clearomizers easy to fill. The latest trend for modern clearomizers is the bottom-coil design where the heating coil is at the bottom of the tube. Available in many different shapes and sizes, they all feature a replaceable head system and most importantly, they shouldn't leak.

How to Fill a Clearomizer

• Open the tank by unscrewing it. • Tilt it slightly• Carefully transfer e-liquid directly into the chamber• Avoid getting liquid down the airflow tube in the centre• Do not overfill• Let the clearomizer stand for a couple of minutes before using• When filling a bottom coil clearomizer, turn it upside down and fill from the bottom

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In common with most technical components, clearomizers will need some level of maintenance if you want them to last a little longer. Simply rinsing with hot water can be enough to make a big difference to the build-up that otherwise occurs on heating coils. You can rinse the wicks as well but special attention must be given to drying them otherwise their performance will be compromised. It is best to blot as much water away with a paper towel as possible and then leave alone for 24 hours to dry out completely. Some people keep replacement heads that they use in rotation. If the heating coils are really dirty, you can try soaking them in pure grain alcohol first.

What To Do if Your Clearomizer is Not Working

• First ensure all connections are tightly sealed• Check all the little silicone gaskets on the heating coil assembly are still tightly fitted• Make sure the heating coils are free of any build-up• Ensure you have sufficient e-liquid inserted to burn correctly• If all else fails, try adjusting the silicone gasket on top of the heating coils – they can sometimes block the flow of e-liquid from the wicks if they are not correctly positioned

How to Extend the Life of a Clearomizer

Clearomizers generally have a working life from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on usage. Cleaning will extend the life for a while but at some point you will experience less vapours or a harsh, burnt taste. Then it is time for a new clearomizer or at least a replacement head. Replacement heads are usually a much cheaper option and can be simply screwed in. One example ould be the Replacement head with Wick for the eGo CE4 or CE5 units.[img86-L-R]

What Different Types of Atomizer Are Available?

Different atomizers can be used in your clearomizer to vary the experience. To find the best atomizer to meet your personal taste, you can experiment with atomizers with different levels of resistance.

  • Higher resistance means less heat, less vapour, and a smoother throat hit, with reduced e-liquid usage and a longer battery life.
  • Lower resistance means more heat, more vapour, and a stronger throat hit, but greater e-liquid usage and a shorter battery life.
  • Dual coil atomizers are also available which produce more heat and more vapour by sending an equal amount of electricity to two coils instead of just one. They also, of course, use more power.

What Types of E-Liquids are Available?

To further enhance your vaping experience, there is now a very wide array of different e-liquids available for refilling atomizers. Various flavours range from the classic tobacco to menthol, cola, mango, bubblegum, blueberry and many more. Flavours can even be mixed together, making it even easier to customize your vaping experience. A choice of nicotine strengths also makes it easier for heavy smokers to gradually reduce their dependency.