Choosing or upgrading your Vape & E-Cigarette Batteries

As you enjoy our e-cigarettes as a tar and tobacco-free alternative when “smoking”, we are keen to offer you as wide a range of tank batteries and chargers as possible (many items are also cross-compatible). We also want you to be able to charge your kit whenever and wherever you wish. So, let’s take a look at just four of the options available to you...

Let’s start with the Vapouriz Tank

Customers like you have provided terrific, positive, feedback about these black or silver manual battery models. They last from around eight hours per charge (650mAh model) up to a couple of days with the 1300mAh version.

Might you prefer the Vapouriz Tank eGo/510 Anodized Battery?

These come in a choice of half a dozen eye-catching colours, such as green, pink or aqua, and are terrific for co-ordinating with our CE4 Clearomizer. Again, this option lasts around eight hours before needing a recharge (a bit like most humans). These long lifespans are a very popular feature throughout our range of models.

Introducing our Vision Spinner Twist

This takes the standard battery to a new level. Thanks to its on-board chip, a simple twist of the control dial on the Vision Spinner Twist means you can adjust the output voltage between 3.2 and 4.8V. This allows you to set your own optimum temperature for each liquid choice you use – ensuring your enjoy exactly the flavour taste sensation you wish. With an awesome rainbow coloured variation, that looks like heated metal, you can have a custom battery with a custom look to suit your tastes!

The Gemini Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Battery

This model is fully compatible with our Gemini Starter Kit, and provides a terrifically cost-effective way to introduce yourself to the pleasures of e-cigarettes. Customer feedback identifies this as a durable and superb value-for-money option. It lasts up to 6 hours before needing a recharge.

How to Turn Off the Vape Battery When Not in Use

It’s also worth noting that all our Vapouriz Tank batteries are very easily deactivated – it takes just five button presses to do so, making them both safe and convenient to accompany you around your busy life. To complete your “vaping” healthy alternative package, we’d also recommend our range of USB and car chargers, and do take a look at our funky Vision Rainbow Spinner Variable Voltage option!

Easy Replacement & Upgrading

As with all of our products, replacing and upgrading your battery is easy. Simply unscrew the battery as you would to charge it or change the liquid and attach the new battery by screwing it back on. It could not be easier!

Take a Look at Our Range!

Of course, you’ll find much more detail about all these – and other - choices throughout this website (and please don’t forget to sign-up for our terrific and helpful newsletter). Rather than the giving up of smoking being an ordeal to face, these products can help you focus on a new pleasure to be enjoyed!