Chargers & Batteries Guide for Electronic Cigarettes

Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Taking that first step is a really big deal, and the temptation to start up again lurks behind every corner.

Electronic cigarettes have been helping people quit smoking for several years now, with a high success rate. But a slew of stories about “exploding e-cigarettes” are threatening to undo all that good work, and give former smokers a reason to reach for the tobacco again.

Why do electronic cigarettes explode?

In short, it is because people are using the wrong chargers. Every single instance of “exploding e-cigarettes” occurred when the electronic cigarettes were charging. Using incorrect chargers, over-charging your e-cigarette or over-tightening the connection with the rechargeable battery can cause the battery cells to decompose and over-heat.

We've heard of people charging e cigarettes with iphone chargers for example. We're not sure HOW the user managed to make the fitting connect with the e cig in the first place! ALWAYS ensure that the charger is fit for purpose. Like any electronic device; if you plug in a charger with the wrong voltage and ampage then the results can be very dangerous!

How to choose the right e-cigarette charger

Ideally, you will continue to use the charger which came in your original electronic cigarette kit, but sometimes you need to upgrade or replace your model.

Chargers & Batteries Guide for Electronic Cigarettes

Vapouriz offers one of the widest ranges of e cigarette batteries and chargers on the market, ranging in price, size and colour. We offer a product compatibility key to help you choose the right accessories for your device, whether you are using the Vapouriz Tank, Vapouriz EVO or Vapouriz Gemini models.

Our most popular battery is the Vapouriz Tank (eGo), which comes in a range of different capacities: the 650mAh version will hold your charge for six to eight hours; the 900mAh will last for nine to eleven hours without recharging, the 1100mAh will keep your cigarette charged for twelve to fourteen; while the 1300mAh can last up to two days.

Meanwhile, the Vapouriz Gemini operates 180mAh, and will hold its charge for around four to six hours. We also offer portable USB chargers which can be used to charge your e-cigarette from your laptop or in your car.

How to take care of your e-cigarette and its charger

It takes around four hours to charge an e-cigarette, so you shouldn’t have to leave it charging overnight. Try not to leave the electronic cigarette unattended while it is charging, and remove the battery from the charger when it is not in use. Never over-tighten the battery on your charger, and if you feel any resistance when assembling your charger or attaching the cigarette; stop. At least once a week, clean the battery centre and the charger with a microfibre cloth or alcohol wipes.

Most importantly: always, always make sure you are using the correct charger for your branded device.

Chargers & Batteries Guide for Electronic Cigarettes