CE4 Clearomizer Guide: One of the Best E-Cig Mods

Thursday 20th December, 2012 | Vaping Guides

2012 has been a positive year for the electronic cigarette industry as many companies have recorded good sales. The most notable talking point of the year was the release of the clearomizer. Clearomizers are similar to cartomizers, but they come with a crystal-clear body that allows the user to see through and keep the e-liquid in check. The benefit of the design is that the user can always know when the e-liquid is about to get over, and can refill it instantly for future use.

More about the CE4 clearomizer The CE4 clearomizer is the lightest version available to e cigarette users. The difference in weight can be pointed out towards a couple of factors. Firstly, anodized aluminium is used as the metal that forms the top as well as bottom part of the clearomizer. CE4 clearomizers can be found in numerous colours due to this. Secondly, the outer tube of the CE4 clearomizer is much thinner when compared to others.

Despite its ultra-thin structure, the tube is fairly resilient. The central part of the device is substantially thick, however. Instead of using multiple wicks or one stubby wick, CE4 clearomizers use a long one. It is quite thick and as long as the clearomizer itself.

At the top of the heating coil, lies a silicone holder that has a section which stretches up to reach the tip of the drip. This is another major difference between the CE4 clearomizers and others. The use of regular drip tips appeal to a large number of users as opposed to some other versions that need an extra screw-on tip.

CE4 clearomizers are the best in the market

CE4 clearomizers are revolutionary additions to the e cigarette market. Apart from offering fantastic performance, they are available in a variety of colours and also allow you to use the drip tip of your choice. CE4 clearomizers work best when they are set at 4 volts. The small shell-size doesn’t cause the user any inconvenience, but some users report that it cracks easily. It demands proper care and extra attention if it is to remain intact. The CE4 clearomizer is available for under $4 at the vast majority of online e cigarette stores. Their light-weight design, the use of coloured aluminium, good wicking, excellent performance and their ability to use most of the drip tips make them a favourite among many e cigarette smokers.

With amazing features at such an affordable price, there is little doubt that CE4 clearomizers are among the best e cig mods out there!

Author: Brett Vapouriz