Beginners Guide: What is Vaping & How Do E-Cigs Work?

The History (it's much more interesting than you'd think!)

Herbert Gilbert took out the first patent for an electronic cigarette in 1960 but this isn’t what actually started the vaping movement. In fact, it took until 2003 for Hon Lik to actually create the first ever electronic cigarette, also known as 1st generation devices. He’s pretty much the godfather of the industry. These devices resembled the small, thin ‘cigalike’ devices which are now falling out of favour for more effective devices, such as the FUSE Electronic Cigarette. However, they were an important milestone in the development of vaping and helped thousands of people quit smoking for good.

Vapouriz Electronic Cigarettes have had several generations of devices (we’re one of the oldest, most established companies in the industry don’t you know). We’re currently focusing on the ever popular ego type unit. We proudly named it the Vapouriz FUSE, the successor the Vapouriz TANK, and it’s now being loved by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. These types of products are known as 2nd generation. They consist of a battery and a small refillable barrel or tank that allows you to replace the coils. The Vapouriz FUSE is the perfect starter kit as it’s not only extremely easy to use, but is much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. Most importantly, it gives the user an alternative to smoking traditional tobacco products.

Smoking Quit Kits


Fun Vaping Fact: The number of vapers in the UK has reached over 2,000,000 and its growing fast. People are appreciating the freedom of choice in flavours and nicotine strengths and with time, social stigma will be a thing of the past. Here’s for a cheeky vape in the pub with your pint on a Friday afternoon!

How do electronic cigarettes actually work?

E-cigs work by vaporizing a liquid into gas. This liquid may or may not contain nicotine, depending on your preference. There is actually no burning involved with vaping electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is the most perpetuated myth in the industry. Tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars contain over 5,000 poisons which are burned and inhaled. These traditional tobacco products are known to cause cancer.

Does the type of eliquid I use actually matter?

It does. If you find some eliquid from China being sold for a pound, you should be cautious. Here at Vapouriz, we pride themselves on manufacturing their own eliquid in the UK (Surrey to be exact) with only the finest UK/EU sourced ingredients. The nicotine we use is pharma grade and our labs are pristine. If you’re not sure about the quality of E-Liquid you’re using, go with your gut, you’re probably right.