What To Consider When Choosing & Buying an E-cigarette.

Some key considerations when selecting your alternative to tobacco.

The first time I saw someone using an e-cigarette was only around six years ago, although it’s actually fifty years since the first patent for “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” was issued. In the last few years, e-cigs have become a much more common sight and an accepted part of daily life. Many people now use them confidently as a key component in their plan to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Latest surveys suggest that, by the end of this year, around one million people in the UK alone will be using e-cigs.

What exactly are e-cigarettes?

This is a name that many folk will have heard. However, before considering the options when choosing your e-cigs, a basic description of what they are and how they function might be useful. Put simply, an e-cigarette is a battery-powered alternative to standard traditional tobacco cigarettes. The main benefits come from them being free from smoke odour, tar and the host of harmful chemicals found in tobacco.

Using them still allows your body to mimic its ingrained muscle memory of a “smoking” action by producing a water-based vapour for you to inhale. This contains a measured amount of pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, which are available in various strengths to suit your requirements. Apart from the obvious health benefits, they are also exempt from the smoking ban, and can be used indoors and in most public buildings.

Choosing the product that best suits you

Here at Vapouriz, we have five key electronic cigarette products for you to select from. There’s a useful Starter Kit, and a trio of options in our popular Gemini range. Top of the bill is the Tank, which offers truly amazing savings compared to the cost of past habits; and a choice of over sixty different flavours to try - from Apple to Mango and Minty Bubblegum to Mojito! 

The simplest way to find out which product best suits you if you are unsure is to take the quick three or four question test here on our Starter Page. Alternatively, you can find frequently asked questions or ask us one of your own on our Contact Us page. From there, we’d also love to send you our regular, helpful, newsletter and you can join our terrific groups on both Facebook or Twitter.

Final words

You’ll know that giving up traditional smoking is certainly not an easy action to take. That’s why, here at Vapouriz, we’d like the chance to be by your side, offering encouragement and practical help every step of the way.