The Legalities of Electronic Cigarettes

An electronic cigarette is touted as one of the most important inventions in recent times. It not only helps smokers to cut down on the habit, but allows them to do so with a product that simulates the act of smoking. The most significant aspect of an electronic cigarette is that it does not pose a threat to the body of the smoker or those around him as is characteristic of a normal cigarette. However, as with all new inventions, there are certain queries regarding whether electronic cigarettes legal issues have been cleared and if they can be used all over the world.

Why Smoking Regular Cigarettes is Prohibited in Some Countries

Smoking in public is looked down upon in several parts of the world and it is a debatable topic whether the same law applies to electronic cigarettes. In some countries such as the UK, smoking is permissible in restaurants and bars as is in other public areas. In lieu of this, it is highly likely that electronic cigarettes will be given the same freedom.

One of the reasons smoking is prohibited in public is its dangerous smoke, which contains tobacco and nicotine, emitted by it. This is not only harmful for the smoker but those who are present in the vicinity. Passive smoke can do significant damage to the lungs and trigger respiratory problems. In the case of electronic cigarettes, there is no cause for worry as they do not emit smoke. The battery-operated device only provides a feeling of smoking.

Sale of Electronic Cigarettes to Minors Illegal

The health benefits offered by electronic cigarettes are several including drastically reducing chances of lung cancer. Several countries want their residents to be able to have the choice to quit the smoking habit. In most of the European countries, the manufacture, sale and use of electronic cigarettes are deemed legal. The only clause is that the product should not be sold to individuals who are less than 16 years of age. Sale of the product to minors will result in harsh punishment by the government.

A major reason why electronic cigarettes have been declared legal in most of the countries across the world is that they do not contain even trace amounts of tobacco. In other countries, especially in South Asia, the sale of electronic cigarettes is not illegal but will include heavy taxes.

Electronic cigarettes are extremely useful for those who are looking to reduce or stop the smoking habit. It is advised to purchase the product only after ensuring that it is legal in that particular country.

Author: Brett Vapouriz