Manchester City Bans Fan Who Vaped in Stadium

Unruly football fans have been kicked out of stadia for several decades, mostly for exceptionally bad behaviour, such as hurling objects at players or referees, continually abusing players, management or other sets of supporters, or even provoking and indulging in rash behaviour in the stands. However, the latest punishment dished out to a Manchester City fan has raised many an eyebrow around the country. An anonymous City fan was left fuming following the club’s decision to take away his season ticket for something as innocuous as using his e-cigarette in the stadium. The fan has been banned from the stadium until further notice, but his season ticket seems gone for good!

The supporter has chosen to remain anonymous, but revealed that he was trying hard to quit smoking cigarettes. He said that it had been a week since he smoked tobacco cigarettes, and that he had heard that e-cigarettes could be legally used even in public places. However, the stadium officials begged to differ as they escorted him from the stands and out of the gates of the Etihad Stadium. The supporter believes that the punishment was unjust considering the innocence of his so-called crime.

Lighting up at Stadiums is a Risky Act

Peter Fletcher, the head of security and safety at Manchester City Football Club, wrote to the supporter explaining that his season ticket was suspended. The annoyed supporter told reporters that he was just having a drink with his mates during half-time and took a puff off his e-cigarette when a guard asked him to leave the stands and enter a room in the stadium. The fan expected to be questioned about the device, but instead, the security personnel told him that electronic cigarettes were banned in the stadium, and confiscated his season card immediately. He was then escorted out of the stadium by the police.

Mr. Fletcher maintains that the use of e-cigarettes is deemed as prohibited in the season tickets’ terms and conditions. The fan, however, said that he was devastated! He said that he had travelled for home and away games for years, but there was never a problem and that he had never been in any kind of trouble. He also added that he was appalled by the way in which he was treated by the stadium officials.

The FSS’s (Football Supporters Federation) Amanda Jacks believes that Manchester City has overreacted. She said that a warning might have sufficed, especially considering the fact that the fan has been a loyal follower for years.