How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work, and Are They Effective?

Thursday 20th December, 2012 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers

Electronic cigarettes can help smokers to reduce and quit the smoking habit in a gradual manner. The device is manufactured in such a way that it simulates the act of smoking without its ill-effects. For smokers who find it difficult to quit the habit, electronic cigarettes are the best option as they can continue with the experience of smoking without feeling depraved for a puff. The device is also ideal for expectant mothers and those around them as the smoke from regular cigarettes can have drastic health repercussions for the baby. However, as with any new product, there are many who are skeptical of its effectiveness, wondering how do electronic cigarettes work.

The Working of an Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette works with batteries and allows smokers to inhale and exhale just as they do with regular cigarettes. Although the regular cigarettes contain a mixture of tobacco and nicotine, the mixture in the electronic cigarette is nicotine in liquid form which gets converted into mist that is inhaled by the smoker. This means that inhalation of tar and carbon dioxide, some of the most hazardous chemicals linked with smoking, is eliminated with the use of electronic cigarettes.

The liquid can be replaced as and when it finishes. The digital cigarette comes with a charger which can be used when the battery strength weakens. Instead of wasting money on a number of cigarette packets, it is more cost-effective to purchase an electronic cigarette. As an additional feature that is not available in regular cigarettes, the liquid nicotine used in the product is also available in different flavors. Some of them include fruits, cola, coffee, vanilla and menthol. The percentage of nicotine used in each will differ.

Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette has been designed to resemble an actual cigarette. As the product contains only a trace amount of nicotine, it helps to keep the craving under control. This allows smokers to experience the feeling of smoking a real cigarette which is crucial for people who have opted for the product over the regular cigarette.

In addition, the electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are a much safer option than regular cigarettes. Using the digital product, smokers can drastically reduce the chances of falling prey to fatal diseases such as lung cancer. Passive smoking will not be an issue with the use of an electronic cigarette as it is smokeless.

Author: Brett Vapouriz